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What Is Staircase Spraying?

Staircase spraying is a method of applying paint coatings to staircase sections like handrails, spindles or other component parts. Electrostatic painting is an ideal solution as the technique allows paint to wrap around metal object that can be difficult to get to with other methods.


What Staircases Do We re-coat?

Our staircase spraying service offers the opportunity to re-coat metal staircase sections in-situ. A staircase within a commercial interior makes a statement about the company to the people who use it.

Foyers and reception areas in all sorts of commercial buildings are offset by staircases leading to upper levels. As well as providing access they are part of the interior design and if they are in a bad state of repair or the wrong colour, the whole interior can be downgraded in people’s eyes.

It is not just customers, clients and guests who may be put off by unkempt staircases, employees who use stairs every day in their place of work may see this area as a negative reflection of the business as a whole.

But there is light at the end of the stairwell. Stairs can be refurbished easily be Vanda Coatings. We will recoat the balustrades and handrails as well as any other parts of staircases. We can also re-spray the underside of stairs.

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Benefits of Metal Staircase Re-coating

  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to replacement
  • Fast transformation of areas
  • Modernise and rebranding solution
  • Minimal disruption to business

Why Choose Vanda Coatings?

Vanda Coatings have been offering on site paint spraying solutions since 1997. We have built up a vast experience in re-coating architectural staircases  over that time and our operatives utilise the latest spray techniques to achieve the best possible finish on site.

Stairways are in continued use and suffer from wear and tear due to the amount of human contact they have, so they do need to be refurbished more regularly than other areas in commercial interiors. The various elements stairways are composed of may need revamping for many reasons.
Due to excessive use, the original coatings on bannisters and stairs can break away from the underlying surface. If the metal parts haven’t been prepared adequately before being coated, then layers sometimes flake or peel off. Even if the condition is good, staircases may need painting for aesthetic reasons.

Electrostatic Painting- The Preferred Solution for Staircases

Banisters, their supporting vertical spindles and finials can be electrostatically painted.
This is usually the best method for re-coating cylindrical items that are hard to reach because the paint wraps around surfaces as a result of the magnetic field created by the electrostatic machine. The strong attraction of the positively charged paint to the negatively charged metal reduces overspray.


Vanda Coatings Prioritise Health and Safety When Spraying Staircases

Staircases are crucial in any building with more than one floor as they provide essential access to and from the upper levels. They are an especially important safety feature and this is always respected by our teams. Health and safety is a priority at Vanda Coatings at all times and our spotless record as well as our Safecontractor, CHAS and SMAS certification supports this.

Each Vanda operative has their individual safety qualifications too and are experienced at re-spraying staircases. All our sprayers have CSCS cards in support of our high safety standard. They are also certified to work at height with IPAF and PASMA training.

We will organise all staircase refurbishment projects to limit the disruption to businesses whilst happily working alongside other trades. Access to all levels in a property will be retained. This may mean carrying out the work when the building is shut which could be during the night or at weekends. Another advantage of spraying out of hours is that paint fumes will not affect members of the public or staff.

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