Signage and Fascia Spraying

Our signage and fascia spraying can save a business time and money. Good quality signage and fascias are expensive to replace, but if they are re-coated they can look as good as if they had been newly designed.

We can help make your logo and signage fit in with the desired image of your company. You may already have decided to change the appearance of the exterior of your commercial property for one or more reasons.

Signage and fascia recoating may be called for as part of a re-branding campaign or an individual outlet may simply need refurbishing. Signs are there to be seen in order to advertise the business inside.

Sometimes lettering on a sign isn’t readable, so if the fascia is painted in a contrasting colour or shade it will stand out more prominently.

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Recoating Existing Signage

Re-spraying signage and fascias will automatically lift the way an elevation looks. This will have a knock on effect on its surroundings to increase footfall into the general area as well as your specific business.

Recoating is a way of enhancing the aesthetics of a commercial property, but it also forms a protective layer. Signs and fascias are exposed to the elements where rain, ultraviolet light and extremes of temperatures all take their toll. We will only use durable coatings on signage and fascias to ensure their longevity.

How Vanda Coatings Re-Sprays Signage And Fascias

As well as to improve how a façade looks, Vanda Coatings are often called in because paintwork has degenerated. If surfaces haven’t been prepared properly before they are painted or if the products used are low quality then any coating can breakdown. Our method of recoating signage and fascias is tried and tested and our highly experienced staff only use superior products. We can carry out minor repairs to damaged metal before prepping surfaces and applying hard wearing finishes. If the original RAL or BS number is known then we can match it, otherwise a swatch could be used to find the nearest colour. We do not do signwriting as such, but we will re-spray lettering as well as the sign the letters are attached to and the fascia.

  1. First and foremost, our teams will consider health and safety issues. These types of projects are often carried out on high streets, so the public need to be protected. This may mean cordoning off the working area.
  2. Fascias and signs are usually high up off the ground, so our Vanda operatives will need to use towers. They are trained for working at height and they all have PASMA and IPAF certificates.
  3. The surface to be recoated will be thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes fascias are covered in vinyl which will need to be stripped off before the next stages can be followed.
  4. Surfaces will be sanded down to iron out any bumps and scratches as well as to create a key in the substrate, so subsequent layers will stick.
  5. As this process generates dust, the signs and fascias will be de-greased once more.
  6. Any parts of signs and fascias that are to remain uncoated will be carefully masked off by our Vanda operatives. If windows need to be masked up while an outlet is still trading, clear plastic sheeting can be used so as not to obstruct light and visibility.
  7. Our technical staff at Vanda Coatings will advise on the best primers to use on each type of metal.
  8. We usually spray signage electrostatically because of the intricacy of letters and numbers.
  9. The Vanda paint sprayers usually spray outside trading hours to cause the least amount of disruption to businesses.
  10. All sites will be left in a tidy condition and our teams take any rubbish away with them when they leave.