Roller Shutter Door Spraying On-Site Service

Roller Shutter door spraying is an on site service offered to spray apply hard wearing paints  for refurbishment or changing the colour of the shutter and industrial doors.

Roller shutters are integral to most shop fronts both on high streets, in shopping centres and in retail parks.

They are also installed in warehouses and a range of other types of industrial buildings. Our teams can spray shutters outside of trading hours to give them a new lease of life.

Their main purpose is to protect exterior entrances and windows from the weather, dirt and burglaries, but business owners have become more aware of their aesthetic value too.

If roller shutters look good then the business inside will also be perceived as such and a solid coating will protect the metal itself for years to come.

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Why Spray a Roller Shutter?

Spraying roller shutters is an effective way of re-coating as there are a lot of different surface angles that can be difficult to cover properly using traditional methods.

Vanda Coatings are often asked to re-spray all the metalwork on building elevations, so that it matches. This type of refurbishment is much cheaper than replacement and can be completed overnight by our qualified teams while the business is closed for minimal disruption.

Spraying Parts of the Shutter

A roller shutter door consists of a series of horizontal slats that are connected in a way that enables them to be vertically rolled up and down. They are installed in front of entrances and the windows of retail outlets and other commercial properties.

When the business is open the roller shutters literally roll up into a box above an entrance or window and they are rolled down electronically or by using a handle when the shop is shut.

Mechanically, roller shutters are built to last because they are designed for security primarily, but any coating can become chipped and flake off or simply fade. This not only looks awful; it can lead to corrosion.

A durable coating will prevent moisture from attacking the metal substrate and if the original paint has deteriorated a new coat will prevent the roller shutter from corroding.



Benefits of Roller Shutter Spraying:

  • Improving appearance
  • Giving extra protection
  • Cost effective compared to replacement
  • Can be carried outside of normal business hours
  • Branding

When they are first purchased, roller shutters are usually only available in a limited range of colours, but if repainted to match the branding of a company, they can lift the whole exterior of properties.

At Vanda Coatings we are able to spray paint roller shutters in any colour on site, so security is never compromised.

Types of Roller Shutters we Treat

A roller shutter will usually be made of galvanised metal, but they are also manufactured in bare aluminium and plastic. The type of coatings applied during the manufacturing process range from powder coating to Plastisol and our teams at Vanda Coatings are adept at re-spraying any surface.

  • Solid Lathe
  • Punched and Glazed
  • Overhead Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Industrial Doors

Sometimes roller shutters have been hand painted which can leave brush marks on the dried paint. These can be evened out using an orbital sander before they are recoated, so the final finish is perfectly smooth.


Before After

Covering Graffiti on Roller Shutters

When roller shutters are lowered at night, they may be subjected to graffiti and this can spoil the image of the business they are designed to protect.

At Vanda Coatings we are used to dealing with roller shutters in a bad condition and we can re-spray them using an anti-graffiti coating. If roller shutter doors are unsullied then they and the property are more likely to be respected.

Whatever type of coating you choose for your roller shutter doors, Vanda Coatings can spray them onsite in any RAL or BS colour. The new coat can match window and door framework as well as signage fascia.



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