Powder Coating Repair Services

Vanda Coatings carry out re-coating and repairs to previously powder coated (PPC) metal anywhere in the UK. Powder coating can only be carried out in factories and what we offer is an onsite repair service, which removes the hassle of having to dismantle architectural features.

Powder coating has been used extensively since the 1960’s as it was considered more environmentally friendly than liquid paints.

A dry powder electrostatically coats metal objects which are cured in very large and extremely hot ovens. Sometimes the methods used to powder coat metal are not perfect and it can deteriorate due to any stage of the process not being completed properly.

The powder coating technique cannot be achieved onsite, but Vanda Coatings offer sophisticated alternatives. Our finishes are just as lustrous and durable as anything accomplished in a factory setting.

Furthermore, we offer onsite electrostatic paint spraying which vastly reduces the amount of overspray and waste common in other more traditional painting methods.

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Why Do Powder Coating Repairs Need To Be Carried Out?

During the installation of powder coated components they may become damaged, scratched or marked especially on construction sites. Typical items that can incur damage are powder coated shopfronts, window frames and doors, columns and cladded areas. Other metal objects such as office furniture can suffer from dents and scratches, so re-spraying these PPC pieces can rejuvenate them and save on the cost of having to buy new ones.

Powder coating can also fail over time due to many factors which makes surfaces look unpleasant and can lead to corrosion of the substrate. We can assess the metalwork and provide quotations to remedy the affected areas as well as carrying out the onsite repairs to the highest standard.

Restoration is not the only reason for painting previously powder coated metalwork. PPC features may simply need a change in colour either for re-branding or to modernise an outdated property. Any metal items can be sprayed in any colour to match or contrast with surroundings.

During the spraying process our professionals use non-isocyante two pack paints which are hard wearing and more durable than other types of coatings.

Any finishes used by our Vanda teams will be spray applied using the airless, HVLP or electrostatic method depending on the size and shape of the metalwork and the preference of our clients.

All Vanda teams have IPAF, PASMA, SPA and first aid and are experienced in working in site conditions.