Office Furniture Spraying & Painting

Our experienced electrostatic teams can visit office premises all over the UK and provide an office furniture spraying solution onsite. Office furniture can look drab over time through wear and tear.

This can depreciate the appearance of an office as a whole, but we have an ideal solution. Vanda Coatings offer a furniture refinishing service for all the metallic elements of any type of office furniture. You do not need to buy expensive new furniture because by recoating the metal parts items will look as good as new.

Many major headquarters throughout London, Manchester and the rest of the UK have employed Vanda Coatings to undertake our office furniture spraying service. We are the only company to use 100% electrostatic methods of paint application whilst undertaking our work. Not sure what electrostatic is? Find out here.

We can help whether you are a company that manufactures office furniture or a business that does not want to waste money replacing chairs, desks, filing cabinets and lamps that function perfectly well.

Vanda Coatings can give items a makeover that will completely transform their appearance or the original coating can be matched to preserve the unique style. Any scratches and dents will be filled and then sanded away so that the final finish is as smooth as on a new piece of office furniture.

The makeover will be completed with a coating that can be electrostatically spray applied resulting in a durable layer even on curved and hard to reach surfaces. Furniture can be re-sprayed in any RAL or BS colour to work with the interior design style and any level of sheen can be achieved. It is not always necessary to re-vamp the whole of an office building. Simply renovating one aspect of an interior such as the furniture can freshen up the area as a whole.

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Why Spray Office Furniture?

Brand New Look and Feel

Coatings on metal items such as filing cabinets, shelving or chairs may be scratched or chipped and it is easy to think that replacement is the only answer. A new coating on office furniture renovates it with a smooth surface, so that it looks like new. 

Save Money

Buying new can be costly, whereas spraying office furniture is much cheaper than replacement and extends the life of the item as well as improving its appearance. This option is much more environmentally friendly too. 


An office can become outdated or it may need a new lease of life, but refurbishing the entire interior can be expensive, disruptive and time consuming. A re-spray is perfect for re-branding or simply to inject a different mood into an interior whilst enabling you to experiment with colour. 

Business As Usual

Our teams can work out of normal office hours to ensure that office furniture that is being sprayed does not affect the day to day running of a business. Your organisation can, therefore carry on operating as normal while we refurbish your interior. 

Office Furniture Sprayed On Site

Vanda Coatings are on site sprayers, so you do not need to bring your office furniture to us for re-coating, we come to you. Electrostatic spraying is the ideal technique for the recoating of filing cabinets in a working office environment as it allows us to keep overspray to an absolute minimum. We will still protect items that you do not want coated with masking material which means you don’t have to move everything out of your office.

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