Electrostatic Paint Spraying UK

The most effective on-site technique for coating architectural metalwork is the electrostatic spraying process and it is superior to spraying or painting using other conventional methods.

Electrostatic painting or spraying is a durable spray finish offered by our specialised teams at Vanda Coatings and this sophisticated service is available throughout the UK.

What is Electrostatic Paint Spraying?

The scientific principle underlying this innovative technique is that opposites attract. Specifically, the paint or coating is drawn to the metal surface by a magnetic field that is created by us.

The surface to be painted (shop front, staircase, filing cabinet etc.) is grounded in that it has a negative charge and the paint is given a positive charge so that when it is sprayed the positive and negative charges are attracted to each other very much like a magnet. Consequently, the paint then adheres to the surface.

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Why Choose Electrostatic Spraying?

The process of applying paint electrostatically creates a strong bond and it also has a wraparound effect which means hard to reach areas can be coated and this cannot be achieved by other spraying methods. The powerful bond of the coating to the surface is excellent even on intricately shaped objects and the result is an extremely high quality, sleek finish without overspray.

What Surfaces Can Be Electrostatically Painted?

Any type of exterior or interior architectural metalwork can be coated electrostatically, but certain items benefit more from using this process than others. Electrostatic spraying is ideal for metal entrance canopies or staircases with stringers and balustrades that are difficult to recoat with conventional spraying equipment.  Furthermore, filing cabinets can be electrostatically sprayed any colour in a live office environment with the contents remaining.

Typically, The Items We Electrostatically Paint Are:

  • Shop Front Framework and Doors
  • Signage and Roller Shutters
  • Curtain Walling Sections
  • Aluminium Doors and Frames
  • Lift Doors
  • Staircases
  • Office Furniture

…and many other products made of architectural metal work.

Benefits Of Electrostatic Painting

Cost Effective

Renovating a surface rather than replacing it will save an enormous amount of money. Because the electrostatic paint coating wraps around the surface, even hard to reach areas are covered, so corrosion is prevented which extends the life of the object even further. Refinishing using electrostatic spraying will add value as well as longevity to a business. An electrostatic handgun is an improvement over conventional and HVLP equipment in that it incurs less labour and reduced material costs.

Improved Appearance

Electrostatic coating carried out by Vanda Coatings will result in an impeccable finish on any metal work in your commercial premises. Your surfaces will look like new with a sleek quality on a par with powder coatings which are only available in factories. The paint is applied uniformly even on intricately detailed objects because it is magnetically attracted to the metal surface. The thickness of the paint can be controlled by us. There are no drips or runs, so the finish is perfectly smooth with no brush marks or bubbles which can be the downfall of other paint methods.

Durable Finish

The electrostatic method creates an extremely strong bond between the metal surface and the paint, so the coating is robust as well as beautiful. Vanda Coatings use specialised two-component urethane paint and include UV inhibitors that are resilient to harsh environments. Electrostatic paint is long-lasting and hard-wearing. It will not peel. It will not flake as the substrate will have been prepared thoroughly.

Mobile Service

Our electrostatic spraying service is brought to your facility at your convenience to meet your project deadline. Our dedicated teams are ready to deliver Vanda’s professional 24-7 service in order to accommodate your business requirements in a non-disruptive way. One of our employed teams at Vanda Coatings will bring our specialised portable equipment to your premises, so you won’t need to dismantle the object that needs painting and transport it to us.

Electrostatic Spraying is a Quick Process

Unlike powder coating which needs to be baked in order to cure, our specialist electrostatic paint will dry in a few hours overnight allowing business as usual the next day. Because our professional teams work around your construction schedule when it suits you, electrostatic painting can be carried out during the night with your business resuming as it normally would with minimal disruption.

No Mess

Electrostatic spraying is extremely efficient in that 98% of the paint is transferred to the surface being sprayed, so there is next to no overspray. The highly trained Vanda teams are experts when it comes to masking off areas and take great care in protecting your facility.

Environmentally Friendly

There is a 98% rate of transfer efficiency, so the paint is attracted to the metal surface and nothing else, therefore reducing waste as well as cost. Because of this 98% transfer efficiency, there are less paint particles released into the air and lower VOC emissions means reduced air pollution.

No Object Too Large or Too Small For Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is extremely versatile in that any size and any shaped item can be coated. The paint wraps around the whole surface and enables us to paint places that are very difficult to reach. Furthermore, any metal item can be refinished because no heat is needed in the electrostatic process.

Brighten up the Area or Re-Brand With Electrostatic Spraying

We can match any colour you choose to suit your existing corporate colours or something new if you are re-branding your business. With an unlimited paint palette at our disposal, it is easy for us to touch up substrates or re-finish the whole area of your project in any colour you wish.

Vanda Coatings have electrostatic painting and onsite spraying teams located throughout the UK enabling us to deliver a professional service anywhere.  Please contact us for more details and a FREE quotation.

If you would like more in-depth information on the electrostatic method of spray applying paint you might find our information sheet useful. We also have technical experts on hand, so please contact us if you would like more information.