Cladding Paint Spraying Service

At Vanda Coatings, we offer a cladding paint spraying service to building owners and contractors who want to update aged industrial and commercial units throughout the UK without the disruption and cost of replacement.

Cladding painting offers the opportunity to extend the life span of cladding panels by applying protective coatings that give a defensive layer against UK weather and environmental conditions. Businesses can continue to trade, and we can operate to the client’s requirements.

Paint Spraying Cladding Process

Spraying cladded buildings is faster than brushing and rolling which means less disruption to the client. Furthermore, our qualified paint sprayers will give cladding a great finish to make the surface look like new.

When a company requests our cladding spraying service, we will liaise closely with the client throughout the following stages:

1. Site Survey

If necessary, the site will be surveyed by one of our estimating team. Occasionally, they will be joined by representatives of our paint suppliers who will visit depending on the size and complexity of the project. The areas to be looked at will be:

  • The condition of the existing substrate.
  • Access needs.
cladding spraying white to grey from cherry picker

2. Recommendations for Cladding Re-coating

After our initial survey we will forward our recommendations to the client which will include:

  • Materials that are to be used for cladding spraying and paint product data sheets will be sent. It is vital that the correct specification is offered at this stage to ensure optimum adhesion and maximum life expectancy when paint is applied.
  • Access arrangements.
  • A quotation to carry out the necessary spraying works.

3. Instruction and Start On Site

Once the project has been ordered by the client we will be in continued contact with them and the following will be issued:

  • Site-specific risk assessments, method statements and COSHH sheets will be produced for the planned spraying prior to commencement on site.
  • A timetable of work will be agreed with the client.

4. Work Start

  • Agree on areas to work on with the client and plan stages of work
  • Barrier areas from other trades, employees pedestrians
  • Start to protect areas by masking and sheeting surrounding substrates.
  • Clean cladding of contaminates
  • Prepare the surfaces by removing flaking paint and filling minor dents and holes
  • Spray-apply paint coatings according to manufacturers’ guidelines

5. Handover

  • Walk the site with the client to inspect the work
  • Work signed off
  • Operation and maintenance manuals sent
cladding spraying from a large MEWP

Please contact us for more information about our cladding spraying services and coating solutions or to ask for a no-obligation quote.