Cladding Painting Contractors UK

Vanda Coatings are an established cladding painting contractor that offer cladding spray paint application services throughout the UK. Cladding re-coating can extend the lifespan of an industrial unit, improve the appearance, and is cost-effective compared to renewing and repairing.

What Types of Cladding Are Suitable For Painting?

Our spraying specialists paint cladding panels made from:

Case Study: M&S Giltbrook

Cladding Paint Systems:

Tor Coatings | Tikkurilla | Axalta | Johnstone's Trade and more.

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Cladding Coating Products

Vanda Coatings use a range of cladding coatings on sites throughout the UK and coatings chosen to depend on the type of substrate as well as the client’s choice.

We only use reputable suppliers and we suggest brands that have stood the test of time such as those listed below:

  • Viterclad
  • Tor Coatings
  • Johnstone’s Steel & Cladding
  • Tikurilla
  • Rustoleum Noxyde

Cladding Painting Contractors

As a nationwide cladding painting contractor, we can complete a colour change as part of a rebranding project or an element of a planned maintenance programme, our cladding painting specialists can offer a solution to refurbishing existing cladding.

We work closely with building maintenance and construction companies as well as the end client to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining strict health and safety standards.

Our Paint Specialists are CSCS ICATS certified and hold PASMA, IPAF and EFAW certificates.

We offer full RAL and BS colours and can help match colours if requested. We also specialise in electrostatic painting which is ideal for re-coating curtain walling.

Some cladded units may show evidence of cut edge corrosion which is caused when unprotected metal edges are exposed to the elements for long periods of time. We can assess the extent of any damage and suggest the best way forward.

Our spray specialists can help limit deterioration to commercial premises by re-coating cladding.

Why Does Cladding Fail and How Does Painting Help?

Spraying cladded buildings is faster than brushing and rolling which means less disruption to the client. Furthermore, our qualified paint sprayers will give cladding a great finish to make the surface look like new.

Cladding is no longer used just for just for farm storage areas and aircraft hangars. Advances in material technology have enabled cladding, in a variety of designs, to be used on most building types in the UK.

The chances are, you have passed many buildings today that have incorporated this material into its design and build. Its flexibility, cost and availability make it a popular choice.

As cladding has advanced over the decades and designers have learned from previous failures, life to first maintenance has increased. Known issues with previously clad buildings are:

Water Damage caused by condensation. The underlying material of cladding will be a metal of some sort. With the UK climate, this will make the material prone to condensation on the inner and outer layers. Condensation build up on the inner layer can speed up the cut edge process.

Expansion and contraction of the panels due to heat and cold exposure. Dark colours are more prone to movement in the summer.

Over time this can cause failure of the existing coatings due to the constant warping. Expansion and contraction can be more problematic around joints and fixing areas.

Fixings. The flexibility of cladding can also cause problems. The fixing of the sheets to the structure of the building requires drilling holes in the sheets.

Fixings and fasteners have moved on and should hold longer life expectancies, but older fixings may have corroded and cause problems.

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Case Studies

Update Your Building's Exterior with Steel Cladding Re-coating

See how Vanda Coatings transformed a prestigious building at the Cambridge Science Park. Our expert team tackled weathered Terne-coated steel cladding, restoring its appearance and aesthetics with a modern finish.

The process, including detailed surveys and a high-performance coating system, resulted in a dramatic improvement and a 15-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Discover the benefits of steel cladding re-coating for your refurbishment project.