A to Z of On-Site Spraying Part 1

A to Z of On-Site Spraying Part 1

ACCESS STILTS –These are used to enable a paint sprayer to reach high surfaces such as ceilings. Usually made from aluminium, they are essentially two poles strapped to the painter’s legs and feet to add height by extending the leg length. Because the sprayer can walk around, stilts are more efficient than using a ladder. These are not unlike circus stilts, but unfortunately the Vanda teams don’t wear long comedy trousers!

AIRLESS SPRAYING – A high pressure pump can be used when a uniformly thick coating of paint is needed to cover a vast surface area. This reduces the number of coats needed and results in good adhesion. It is also good for painting heavy duty surfaces with many pits and crevices and is used in a multitude of industrial settings.

ANODISED – The coating of a metallic surface (especially aluminium) with an oxide layer by electrolysis. The metal forms the anode and this electrolytic process creates a protective and decorative film.

ARCHITRAVE – Found in classical architecture, this is the horizontal beam or lintel that is supported by columns. Architrave can also be used to describe mouldings that may frame a door, window or archway.

BALUSTRADE – This is the row of vertical posts that support a horizontal rail for decoration and safety purposes on staircases, porches, terraces, balconies, parapet and bridges. Each individual baluster supports the railing that serves as a barrier and a whole row of these is called a balustrade.

BS COLOURS – This is the system of regulating colours according to the British Standard (hence BS) using consistent definitions for paint and other coatings. Indexes of named and numbered colours were first developed by the British Colour Council (BCC) in the 1930’s and continue to be developed and widely used.

CHAS – Vanda Coatings has been awarded a CHAS certificate which means our health and safety history and current level of competency is of an extremely high standard. This accreditation is a government scheme and serves as an assurance to any clients wishing to use our services.

CHERRY PICKER – An Elevated Work Platform is a hydraulic crane with a platform that is used to enable people to work at height. This type of aerial platform is also known as a boom lift, basket crane or hydraladder. See MEWPs.

CLADDING – A non-structural outer skin of a building’s exterior. On industrial units, this lightweight, protective layer is usually metal and is bonded onto the surface to provide a resilient, low-maintenance finish.

COSHH REGISTERED – This stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and concerns the protection of employees and the general public against exposure to hazardous substances used in the workplace. Requirements for protection include risk assessments, controlling the exposure to harmful substances and health surveillance.

COSHH SHEETS – These are data sheets regarding the safety level on chemical products and are used as part of a risk assessment. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) sheets provide information on possible hazards associated with certain chemicals, how to handle and store them as well as any emergency measures to be taken in case of an accident.

CSCS CARDS – The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) ensures a standard level of safety in construction. These cards prove the competence of the holder in working safely and productively on construction sites. All our paint sprayers carry CSCS cards and they have had to have passed the Health, Safety and Environment test in order to have earned the card.

CURTAIN WALLING – A non-structural outer wall overlaying a building’s exterior. This lightweight façade consists of an aluminium frame which is usually filled in with glass or veneer panels. Benefits of curtain wall systems include protection of the building against air, water and sway as well as letting daylight in and providing an attractive finish.

EFAW – Emergency First Aid at Work is a course that trains people to administer basic life-saving first aid in the workplace. EFAW covers responding appropriately in an emergency including resuscitation, dealing with choking, shock, injury and caring for an unconscious casualty. The course also teaches health and safety regulations and the EFAW certificate is valid for three years.

ELECTROSTATIC – Vanda Coatings leads the UK market in this method of spray painting which involves the creation of a magnetic field where positively charged paint is attracted to the negatively grounded metal surface. With 98% transfer of the paint to the surface, it is an extremely efficient method of coating metal which is particularly useful for enclosed spaces and hard to reach surfaces.

FASCIA – Found on buildings, this is a long, horizontal frieze under a roof edge or between mouldings on an architrave. This flat piece of board or sheet metal covers the end of rafters and may span the top of columns or across a wall.

FIXINGS – These are systems for anchoring heavy duty items in masonry and concrete. Used in the construction industry, fixings can be chemical or mechanical anchors such as metal fasteners.

HVLP – A conventional paint spraying gun mixes paint with compressed air to release a fine spray of coating on to a surface. The HVLP spray gun uses a Higher Volume (HV) of air at a Lower Pressure (LP) which results in less overspray, paint consumption and reduced air pollution. Because of these advantages HVLP paint spraying is favoured by our teams at Vanda Coatings.

IPAF – The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) provides a training programme for employees who use powered access equipment to work at height such as platform operators (see MEWPs). The IPAF programme was developed by professionals who work in the construction industry and conforms to an international standard. Successful trainees are given a PAL (Powered Access Licence) Card.

PASMA – Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association (PASMA) is a trade association for the mobile access tower industry and oversees training to ensure a consistently high standard of health and safety when employees are assembling, moving, dismantling towers as well as working at height using them. OR it’s a ‘folk illness’ unique to Filipino culture.

LIVE – Our teams at Vanda Coatings are able to work in a live environment whereby day to functioning can continue. This means the whole business does not need to be cleared out for spraying to take place.



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