Vanda Coatings Registered with Constructionline

We are proud to announce that Vanda Coatings are now registered with Constructionline, the UK’s biggest pre-qualification scheme for certifying suppliers and consultants in the construction industry. Constructionline is a partnership between the private Capita and the public Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) with the remit of reducing bureaucracy during procurement procedures. This register and our Constructionline details are available online for main contractors to research us and the twenty two thousand other pre-qualified suppliers in about one thousand categories, covering the public and private sector.

In 1994, Sir Michael Latham was commissioned by the UK government along with the construction industry to evaluate the procurement process. His report, ‘Constructing the Team’ followed by ‘Rethinking Construction’ in 1998 by Sir John Egan both had the aim of eradicating inefficiencies. One of the proposals was for streamlining a single national register of construction suppliers throughout the UK, so Constructionline was born. In 2009, Constructionline created a new database of buyers and providers in construction and the register has grown from strength to strength ever since. It includes very large companies as well as those with a turnover of less than £1 million and over eight thousand buyers use this resource to assess contractors and consultants.

Buyers are bound by law to prove that they have assessed the capability of suppliers regarding the resources to carry out a project or provide supplies. This process usually encompasses filling in a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) which depending on the policy of the client, can be as long as 25 pages. A supplier will usually have to complete a PQQ for every single tendering company with no guarantee that they will be the chosen supplier at the end of this time consuming process, so it can seem like a waste of time. A company who has gone through the pre-qualification process with Constructionline is deemed to meet the high standards stipulated by the Government and those in the construction industry.

Even though Constructionline membership should mean that suppliers do not have to complete lengthy PQQs, unfortunately this is not always the case. Many clients still issue their own PQQ even when they know a supplier is registered with Constructionline and has other health and safety certificates. Local authorities also have their own approved lists which involves more bureaucracy.

In order to be included on Constructionline’s list, all providers have to complete a very large questionnaire regarding all elements of working practices and submit supporting documentation. The extensive amount of information suppliers have to give to Constructionline includes their company history, accounts, various certificates, health and safety information, equality and diversity policies, environmental management and exact details on how and where they operate. They are also required to provide references from main contractors who have used their services.

Constructionline is a much more efficient way of ensuring a supplier has the resources to complete projects up to a certain value. One of the factors assessed is the value of the project that a company is capable of undertaking. This is a percentage based on the cost of work given by referees as well as turnover and assets. Some argue that the 125% cap prevents contractors from being able to bid for work in a higher price bracket, therefore hindering progression. However, it does give a realistic and reliable indication of the capabilities of suppliers.

To ensure a consistently high standard across many sectors, Constructionline liaises with industry partners. Such organisations cover fire protection, engineering, builders and other bodies in construction. They also co-operate with government departments to offer advice to help ensure suppliers are financially viable and that they are able to carry out work to a high safety standard with due consideration for the environment and human rights. Consequently, Constructionline is endorsed nationwide by the Office of Government Commerce, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Ireland Executive and the Scottish Executive. As criteria for inclusion are standardised, risks for procurers are reduced and buyers can be confident in our reliable service when they realise Vanda Coatings is registered with Constructionline.