When choosing the right colour for aluminium windows, architects, builders, and homeowners often turn to the RAL colour palette for its wide range of options and consistent quality. Over the years, specific RAL colours have emerged as favourites. We have analysed the paint colours used on projects involving aluminium windows like office block, shop fronts and car dealerships. Let’s dive into the trends from 2008 to 2023 to see which colours topped the charts and what they say about shifting preferences in architectural design.

The Most Popular White RAL Colour


The Most Popular Black RAL Colour


The Most Popular Grey RAL Colour


Top 20 Total RAL Colours from 2008-2013

Top 20 RAL Colours chosen for aluminium framework last fifteen years. (2008-2023)

Consistent Favourites: Black, White, and Grey

The classics never go out of style, and this is especially true for aluminium windows. RAL 9005 (Jet Black), RAL 9010 (Pure White), and RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey) have been consistent leaders over the past 15 years. Their versatility allows them to complement a wide range of architectural styles, from modern to traditional.

  • RAL 9005 (Jet Black): A bold and elegant choice, Jet Black adds a touch of sophistication and contrast. It’s especially popular in modern and minimalist designs.
  • RAL 9010 (Pure White): For those seeking a clean and bright appearance, Pure White is the go-to choice. It reflects more light, making it ideal for smaller spaces or areas where natural light is a premium.
  • RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey): Balancing between black and white, Anthracite Grey offers a contemporary and sleek look that has gained immense popularity, especially in the latter half of the analysed period.

% of RAL Colours by Category (2008-2023)

Emerging Trends and Shifting Tastes

While the top three colours have dominated the scene, the data also shows a gradual shift in preferences:

  • The Rise of Greys: Over the years, various shades of grey have emerged and are popular, suggesting a move towards more understated and versatile choices. RAL 7021 (Black Grey) and RAL 7037 (Dusty Grey) have increased in popularity, indicating a trend towards muted, sophisticated tones.
  • Bold Choices: While neutral colours dominate, there’s still room for boldness. Colours like RAL 3003 (Ruby Red) and RAL 5002 (Ultramarine Blue) occasionally pop up in the top 10, suggesting a demand for vibrant, statement-making choices in certain architectural contexts.

Top 10 RAL Colours Each Year 2008-2023

YearNo.1 RALNo.2 RALNo.3 RALNo.4 RALNo.5 RALNo.6 RALNo.7 RALNo.8 RALNo.9 RALNo.10 RAL

What Drives the Colour Trends?

Several factors influence the popularity of specific RAL colours for aluminium windows:

  • Architectural Styles: Contemporary architecture’s clean lines and minimalist aesthetic often call for neutral colours like greys and whites.
  • Material Pairings: The rise in the use of natural materials like wood and stone in building design might be contributing to the popularity of greys and blacks, which complement these materials well.
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Lighter colours like white reflect more sunlight, potentially contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings.


The trends from 2008 to 2023 reveal a clear preference for neutral, versatile colours in aluminium windows, with occasional bursts of bold choices. While the classics remain popular, the increasing variety in the top RAL colours suggests evolving tastes and architectural trends. As we move forward, it’ll be exciting to see how new design trends and material innovations continue to shape colour preferences in the world of aluminium windows.

Notes: The RAL Colours are the most popular colours chosen on aluminium window projects undertaken by Vanda Coatings over the past fifteen years.

Anthony Jones
Anthony has over 24 years experience of spraying on construction and refurbishment sites. Starting in 2000 as a business development officer before progressing into estimating and contracts management.