Supermarket Refrigeration Chiller Painting

On site supermarket refrigeration chiller painting is often favoured over replacing chillers or refrigeration units in stores because chiller restoration is much cheaper than buying new, but the result is just as good. A professional company experienced in re-coating metalwork in challenging environments will ensure the work is carried out safely and up to a high standard.

If the coating of chillers in supermarkets appears to be in bad condition then customers may avoid buying products from them. This choice may not even be conscious. It may simply be that they infer that the produce itself is below par even though this is unlikely to be the case. It is therefore a good idea to maintain units not just from a sales perspective, but also to increase the longevity of these expensive items.

The paint on old refrigeration units and chillers can chip off as a result of constant use and knocks from supermarket trollies and pushchairs. If the coating chips or flakes off, moisture can work its way into the underlying metal surface and rust can spread. This not only looks unsightly, it can also affect the integrity of the substrate. This process of deterioration can be stopped very easily and quickly by spray painting chillers.

The best method of restoring chillers and refrigeration units in shops is by electrostatic spraying and it is important to hire a professional, experienced company to carry out the work on site. An expert electrostatic spray painting team will mask off all surfaces such as food shelving, floors and any glass on the refrigeration units themselves. This is to prevent any paint from getting on unwanted surfaces even though one of the many advantages of using the electrostatic technique is that there is little or no overspray. Furthermore, the coating not only sticks to the surface well, it actually wraps around it due to the attraction of the positively charged paint to the negatively charged metal substrate.

It may not even be necessary to remove produce from the chillers, saving time and hassle. Stock only has to be taken out if internal surfaces need to be re-sprayed, so food shouldn’t be contaminated. A reliable spray painting team will be aware of hygiene issues and be competent in creating a safe environment for carrying out the refurbishment.

A proficient team will be able to carry out the supermarket refrigeration chiller painting quickly, so the units can dry in time for the store to open the next day. The units will be stripped of their old coating, abraded, cleaned then electrostatically sprayed with a new tough layer. Most electrostatic specialists will work overnight to avoid disrupting business. The new paint dries in a short time, so the chillers can be used and the supermarket can then open as usual the following day.