We recently conducted a prestigious project at Cambridge Science and Technology Park. Vanda Coatings are experienced cladding painting contractors and were approached to advise on and then re-coat a building within the park. The project involved steel cladding re-coating to Terne Coated Steel to one of the buildings where the substrate had begun to show signs of weathering.

Initial Surveys

The building required several surveys before work could commence. Its multi-layered layout meant that access requirements would require methodical planning. Also, the properties of the steel cladding, including its unusual existing coating, would require examination and investigation. We consulted with our coating and access suppliers to offer suggestions on the best way to undertake the re-coating work. After the initial surveys, we carried out samples to ensure that the correct product was going to be used, would offer longevity and would satisfy all parties.

Cladding Layers at Cambridge Science Park
Layout Of Cladding at a Cambridge Science Park

The Re-coating Process

Steel cladding that had

The correct preparation and coating system is essential for any successful project and so that the coatings lasts. This was especially true on this job and would need to be carried out vigilantly All parties (the client, the main contractor, and us) agreed to re-coat in a two-pack, high-solid, durable coating system.

After cleaning the steel surface with commercial-grade cleaning products, our teams applied a specialist cladding priming coat to the steel cladding panels.

Once the primer had dried, we applied a coat of the specialist top coat via airless application, and once this had dried, another coat was applied. This coating method would provide a 15-year manufacturer guarantee that the manufacturers inspected during the works.

Steel Cladding Priming Stage
Steel Cladding Priming Stage

The Result

The result was a dramatic, transformed building exterior further protected with specially designed coatings that defended against the UK weather. The client was pleased with the new look premises.

cladding finished

Benefits of Re-coating Steel Cladding

  • Extended lifespan of the cladding.
  • Improved aesthetics and a fresh look for the building.
  • Enhanced weather protection for the underlying structure.
  • Substantially lower cost compared to replacement.
Steel Cladding following re-coating at Cambridge Science Park
Steel Cladding Recoated
Finished cladding following steel recoating
Cladding New Colour
Another elevation where the cladding painting had been carried out
Another Elevation Coated

If you need advice or a quote for a steel cladding re-coating project, please get in touch with us for further information.

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