Our operatives recently carried out a steam cleaning cladding project at a site in Trowbridge. The external paintwork had begun to lift and flake.

Our client contacted us for our recommended process for removal of the existing paintwork and then re-coating in a specialist cladding paint. The affected elevation was the main entrance to the customers building.

Photos of Paint Failure on Cladding

The following photos show the extent of paint failure on the external metal cladding.

Steam Cleaning Cladding Failing Paint

Our suggested method for removing the existing paintwork was to use a specialist steam cleaning process. Using a superheated water cleaning system allows the removal of paintwork without excessive pressure which may disturb and damage certain areas. This safe method of removing the paintwork uses heat rather than chemicals. The video shows an example of steam cleaning in process.

Our team stripped the existing paint finish back to the original factory finished substrate allowing us a flat surface to apply our specialist cladding coating system.

Photos After Cleaning and Re-Coating