Spraying Stairs in a Car Showroom

The German company, Volkswagen (VW) is the second biggest automobile manufacturer in the world and they aim to become the largest by 2018. The popularity of VW is renowned and the company has three cars listed amongst the top ten best sellers of all time, these being the Golf, Beetle and the Volkswagen Passat. Taking pride in the appearance of their dealerships, Volkswagen asked Vanda Coatings to take part in a refurbishment. This involved spraying stairs in a car showroom in Coulsdon, Surrey.

During the redecoration of the staircase, the treads had been tiled and unfortunately, the underside of the stairs looked messy with patches of tile adhesive and grout. When customers looked up from the ground floor this unfinished underside of the stairs could be seen, so Vanda were there to rectify it.

The first job was to scrape off grout and hardened adhesive with Stanley knives and scrapers then the surfaces were sanded down. All the resulting dust was blown off using the airline on the spraying machine.

Rather than covering each car with plastic, our inspired Vanda team decided to tent the team leader into the space whilst he was spraying in order to protect all the vehicles from overspray. However, the treads on the staircase still had to be masked off (as can be seen on the photo) because the steps were open slats and obviously paint could have come through the openings. This area was constantly checked by the Vanda assistant to ensure no paint was coming through the treads and surrounding areas.

Our paint sprayer used steps to reach some of the higher surfaces on the staircase as can be seen in the photo, but a tower was hired for spraying the top part of the stairs. Of course, all our employees have PASMA training as working at height is a common requirement for onsite spraying.

A shiny metallic silver paint was used for spraying the stairs in this car showroom and the beauty of our company is that we can coat any surface in any RAL or BS colour.

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