Spraying Ceiling Areas with Keim Mineral Paints

The environment is a priority for all of us at Vanda Coatings and our Green Dragon certificate supports our commitment to using environmentally friendly products. We always propose environmentally friendly coatings wherever possible when supplying our specialist on site paint spraying service. In line with our policy, Vanda Coatings is proud to be able to offer our service of spraying ceiling areas with Keim Mineral Paints. This system is ideal for concrete ceiling soffits and many other types of surfaces.

Originally, the Keim mineral paint system was designed by Adolf Wilhelm Keim to mimic the lime finishes found on Italian frescoes. Over 130 years ago, the scientist blended potassium silicate solution (water glass) with natural pigments to produce a coating that forms a chemical reaction with the substrate it is applied to. This special formula also penetrates the surface to integrate with it rather than simply being a top layer.

Advantages of Using Keim Paints:

Environmentally Friendly
• Keim mineral paints are natural water based liquid silicate coatings with inherent properties that protect the environment.
• Furthermore, they are manufactured using low level energy and without any petroleum products.

• Keim paint systems are not toxic and they do not smell, so will not affect people while they are being applied.
• In fact, they are free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), so they don’t emit any toxic fumes.
• They are fire resistant.
• Consequently, they are ideal for commercial premises where safety is paramount such as public transport buildings, hospitals, schools and offices.

• Keim products penetrate the surface and permanently bond with the substrate.
• This silicification will not simply wear off like other paints, but will guard against pollution and extreme weather conditions providing a protective coating for many years.
• Because the system lasts, surfaces do not need to be redecorated so often.

• The mineral pigments and binders used in Keim finishes are chosen because they are the most resistant to UV rays and the colours will not fade.
• Colours will not deteriorate because they are also weather resistant.
• Even though they are matt, the crystalline configuration is highly reflective compared to oil based paints in a similar colour.

Clean Finishes
• Oil based coatings have a residual electrostatic charge unlike Keim mineral paints which are less likely to attract dust to the surface.
• The chemical composition of Keim paints is very stable and not effected by acid or alkalis in the environment.
• Keim mineral paints deter the growth of mould and algae because they are alkaline based.

• The composition of Keim finishes is micro-crystalline and the microscopic spaces between crystal particles are large enough for the movement of water vapour, but too small to let in rain.
• Practically speaking, this means humidity can escape from a structure, so moisture will not get trapped between the paint and the substrate.

There are a range of coatings available such as pre-treatments, paints for interiors and exteriors including systems for restoring concrete and stone. A coating such as Concretal or Lotexan could be used for spraying ceiling areas with Keim mineral paints, but the ultimate choice is always left up to clients. As with all the coatings we use in our onsite spraying service, Keim mineral paints are appropriate for historic or contemporary commercial properties. So far, the company claims that more than 15 million square metres of surfaces have been covered by Keim mineral paints and some buildings are still beautifully coated in the original layer applied 130 years ago.