A revitalised commercial building is the ideal way to attract customers or clients inside. Replacing aluminium window frames, doors, roller shutters or joinery is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Spray painting aluminium is the ideal way of upgrading the look of your building and adding street appeal as well as value to your commercial premises.


At Vanda Coatings, we are happy to work with a range of clients.

Companies Vanda Supply

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Building project managers
  • Commercial property owners
  • Property management companies
  • Shopfitters
  • Subcontractors in the construction industry.

When should you Spray Paint Your Architectural Aluminium?

  • Looking at re-branding your business and need to change the colour
  • A requirement to update your existing aluminium, but want to save money on replacement
  • The surface has become stained, faded, pitted or oxidised
  • If you want the new aluminium on an extension to match the old joinery
  • When replacing aluminium isn’t an option because of possible damage to a listed building
  • If you are thinking of selling your business or renting out the premises
  • When you want your business to run as normal with minimal disruption
  • If you don’t want the security risks inherent in removing windows or entrances from the site

What Types of Aluminium can be Painted?

Aluminium doors, individual window frames, curtain walling and/or roller shutters can be rejuvenated. The Aluminium can be bare, powder-coated, hand-painted, oxidised or anodised.

Exterior metalwork can be painted a different colour from the interior and we even re-spray office furniture.

Your aluminium will not only look as good as new, but it will also last longer because the spray paint will safeguard the metal from harsh environmental forces or general wear and tear. The coating used will be durable and protective which is the cost-effective alternative to replacement.

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What is the Process for Spray Painting Aluminium?

You Choose the Colour and we do the Rest

The priority is for you to select the colour and our experts will do the rest in ensuring an impeccable finish on your metalwork. You may want to re-brand your business in which case choosing the perfect colour to enhance the association with your products or services is paramount. Even if it is simply to refresh your curtain walling, doors and / or roller shutters, we are able to match any colour you choose in the ideal type of paint.

Preparing the Aluminium for Spraying

When it comes to refurbishing the exterior or interior of a building, shop front or other metalwork, it is vitally important to ensure it is properly cleaned and prepared because aluminium is non-porous, so paint will not automatically stick to the surface. This is why preparing the metal is an essential part of the spray painting process. Without this precaution the paint will not adhere to the façade and would be liable to chip off or peel.

Masking Off

When coating aluminium all adjacent surfaces should be protected during preparation and spraying. This is why our mobile, professional spray painters must be perfectionists when it comes to masking off areas in order to protect them from overspray.

Cleaning Aluminium

Initially, the aluminium needs to be cleaned using a mild solvent solution to certify it is free from grease, dirt and dust because if it is dirty or greasy, paint adhesion isn’t as powerful.

Priming Aluminium

After cleaning, the substrate should be primed for a perfect bonding of the paint to the surface which will increase its longevity.

Usually, the metal is etch primed in order to key the surface for the paint to stick, but the way the substrate is prepared and the amount of work needed before coating depends on the condition of the aluminium. Old powder coating may have become chalky and rub off and will need more preparation than newer powder-coated metal. Anodised aluminium (which means it has been given a protective oxide coating by electrolysis) needs the highest level of preparation and this usually means mechanical abrasion to key the surface for optimum adhesion.

Spray Painting Aluminium

When it comes to coating the aluminium, particular care must be taken with the spray painting itself, so it is crucial we only employ experienced sprayers in order to achieve a flawless finish. We spray a variety of colours, normally RAL or BS.

Our reliable employees are trained to work at height and we can arrange access if necessary, so tall office buildings and multi-level shopping centres are regularly worked on by our crews. We also employ expert electrostatic paint sprayers and we lead the UK market in this arena.

We recommend water-based coatings where possible and we use fast-drying coatings if suitable. All our teams at Vanda Coatings work on-site any hour of the day or night and we regularly work weekends, so that retailers, commercial units and offices can carry on working their normal hours of business with minimal disruption from us.


After the paint has dried sufficiently, our paint sprayers will remove the material used to mask off the adjacent areas. The newly coated aluminium will be dry in a few hours while business continues with a new lease of life.

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