Vanda Coatings specialist teams recently completed a shop front re-coating project on a new Lego Store at the Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester.

The client requested that the existing shop front’s powder-coated framework change colour from grey to black(RAL 9005. More about RAL Colours).

Shop Front Section Before

Shop Front section in Manchester before spraying

The existing glazing panels and surrounding areas are fully protected by masking . The existing grey aluminium framework is prepared by sanding.

Shop Front Masked During

Shop Front section in Manchester during spraying

The existing glazing panels and surrounding areas are fully protected by masking and framework prepared the shop front sections sprayed to the new colour.

Shop Front After Spraying Complete

Shop Front section in Manchester after spraying

Once the paint has been applied the areas are de-masked and handed over to the client for their approval.

Colour: RAL 9005

The Shopfront Re-coating Process

Due to the high footfall in shopping centres during the day, operations were conducted outside regular hours to prevent disruption to businesses.

Sections not needing a re-coat were safeguarded with masking. Our team excel in masking techniques honed over years of experience.

After masking, the shopfronts underwent preparation. The original powder coating was first cleaned, then mechanically sanded to ensure paint adhesion. Once prepped, the spraying process began.

Our team utilises commercial-grade, two-pack acrylic paints tailored to shield and enhance existing powder-coated metalwork. For this task, the client opted for a black finish (RAL 9005).

Post-spraying, the areas underwent meticulous inspection. Upon approval, our teams presented the finished work to the client for final sign off.

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