Shop Front Spraying at Blacks Newbury

Stormy weather and unrelenting rainfall in the UK has made headline news throughout the winter. As well as effecting a large number of unfortunate households, the operation of businesses are often hindered by the rain. When it came to shop front spraying at Blacks, Newbury, our Vanda operatives had to take creative measures to protect newly coated architectural metalwork from the elements.

Just after our team embarked on painting this shop front in Berkshire it started raining and it then continued to rain every day, but this didn’t stop us carrying out our work. Any metal surface needs to be dry before spray applying paint, so the team built tents and one can be seen in the photo on the right.

The window sills had already been sprayed before it started to rain and it was important they weren’t ruined, so a tent was built by attaching a length of plastic sheeting onto the glass above the window sills. One of our operatives had the job of holding the tent away from the newly coated surface for roughly 20 minutes so the paint could dry. He was literally watching paint dry which may not be the most exciting part of his job, but it was absolutely necessary under the circumstances. A tent was also constructed on the window on the other side of the entrance and the process of rubbing down the substrate, masking, degreasing using cleaning agent then spraying was repeated.

This recoating of the shop front metalwork including the entrance doors was part of a total refurbishment of the Blacks outlet in the high street in Newbury. Our team happily worked alongside other trades such as shopfitters as is often the case. Since there was no stock inside the shop it meant all trades were able to work without interruption. However, it is worth noting we are experienced at working in live retail outlets.

The business owners were keen to have the shop front spraying at Blacks Newbury completed as soon as possible as their stock of protective outdoor clothing would have been in great demand given the weather!

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