Shop Front Painting | Your Move Twickenham

Your Move Estate Agents and Letting Agents has almost 300 outlets across the UK and Vanda Coatings completed the shop front painting in Twickenham. The work was accomplished by our enthusiastic team Josef and Steve within just one day even though they couldn’t start the job till lunchtime.

Steve and Jo pride themselves in taking great care in the preparation before actually spraying consequently masking up Your Move took approximately 4 hours. This involved covering all the windows, seals, signage, and floor in plastic or masking paper and securing with tape as can be seen on the bottom right photo.

After that, an hour was spent sanding the framework and then washing it down to remove all the dust. Obviously, any dust particles left on the substrate would result in a rough paint finish, so this is an important part of the whole process.

Our Vanda team were eager to make the most of as much daylight as possible whilst enabling the outlet to remain open, so Your Move didn’t lose any business. So as not to disturb the coming and going of customers, Jo and Steve were able to start spraying away from the main entrance as the shop was quite large.

The doors were left until last which meant the shop could remain open as normal with a barrier around entrances, so customers couldn’t touch handles and the framework. This part of the project was completed by 6pm and the final element was to coat the stone columns between each pane of glass. Vanda’s specialty is coating architectural metalwork, but obviously it would have been ridiculous to leave this masonry unpainted, so Steve and Jo used a roller to paint this stonework.

This took about an hour and a half with the whole job of shop front painting in Twickenham finished by 8.30pm after de-masking and tidying up. The photo top right shows how beautiful the shop looked having been re-sprayed and lit up.

shopfront spraying
shop front spraying
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