Roller Shutter Door Painting

Roller shutter doors are fitted on to most shop fronts on high streets throughout the UK and roller shutter door painting is often part of maintenance projects on various types of commercial buildings. They open vertically and are perfect for entrances and or windows with limited space. The connected horizontal panels literally roll up into a cavity installed above the opening. Then when the business is shut, they are rolled down using a handle or an electronic device.

Because roller shutters are available in a vast range of sizes, they are installed on all sorts of industrial premises. Various designs are available in a range of finishes such as wood effect or metallic paint. More often than not, roller shutter doors are manufactured in metal which may be galvanised, but plastic ones are available on the market. Any type may be coated in Plastisol, paint or powder coating in a range of colours.

The main reason business owners install roller shutters is for protection against burglary, vandalism and the environment. Shop fronts can be battered by adverse weather with rain and wind leaving deposits on windows as well as effecting the integrity and appearance of metal framework, so roller shutters act as a guard. The way a shop front looks effects the image of a business as a whole, so maintaining facades including roller shutters makes good business sense. This is one of many reasons why roller shutter door painting is a common practice.

10 Reasons Why Roller Shutter Doors Should Be Sprayed:

1. When roller shutters are manufactured, sometimes colour choice is limited, so roller shutter door painting is popular with business owners.
2. Roller shutters can be repaired which is much cheaper than replacing them and a re-spray can be part of this refurbishment.
3. A roller shutter door may need painting if it is bare aluminium or if the original coating has faded or eroded away.
4. They are a blank canvas for vandals to cover the surface in graffiti, so a re-spraying with an anti-graffiti coating may be required.
5. If other metal items have been replaced or restored, roller shutters can be recoated to match.
6. A fresh coat of paint on a roller shutter is a way of modernising a shop front or other type of property.
7. In order to get premises ready for renting out or sale, sprucing up architectural features is a way to increase street appeal.
8. Once the business has changed hands the colour may need to change too.
9. Re-spraying roller shutter doors onsite means security isn’t compromised because they don’t have to be removed.
10. Painting in situ also enables a business to continue operating.

How to Spray Paint Roller Shutter Doors:

Choosing the right colour for roller shutters is important for portraying a business consistently with branding. An experienced on-site spraying company will then advise on the most appropriate coating and carry out the re-spray up to a high standard. The key element to achieving a professional finish is proper preparation.

The amount and method of preparation will depend on what the roller shutter is made from and the condition it is in. For example, old powder coating will need more time spent on preparation than newer powder coating because it can become chalky and peel. Before any painting takes place, surrounding items should be protected from stray primer (if used) and paint. This entails masking off using plastic, paper and decorator’s tape.

The substrate has to be cleaned with a mild chemical as any grease or dirt will interfere with adherence of the final new coat. It is also crucial that the surface of the roller shutter is abraded, so that the new coating can stick to the tiny grooves made during this process. This may be achieved mechanically (especially if the roller shutter is made of anodised aluminium) or by using an etch primer. Paint often chips or flakes off easily if roller shutters aren’t prepared in this way before a re-spray.

It goes without saying that spraying metal is a skill that is built up through experience and choosing the correct product for the final coat is essential. Generally, a few fine layers of paint should be spray applied to avoid drips and an uneven finish. Top coats usually dry within a few hours and if the work takes place out of hours a business can usually operate as normal the next day. Most good on-site paint spraying companies will complete roller shutter door painting overnight or at weekends for minimal disruption and finally, will de-mask and clean up leaving the premises tidy.