We look at the most popular colours of 2020 chosen by our customers to refurbish architectural items on site.

After analysing the jobs that we have carried out this year so far, there is recurring theme yet again that has carried over from previous years and yes you have guessed it- it’s grey.

Classic black and white RAL colours make up the remainder of the list.

Top 10 Most Popular Colours for Refurbishment Projects 2020

  1. Anthracite Grey – RAL 7016
  2. Granite Grey – RAL 7026
  3. Window Grey – RAL 7040
  4. Basalt Grey – RAL 7012
  5. Black Grey – RAL 7021
  6. Jet Black – RAL 9005
  7. Signal Black – RAL 9004
  8. Traffic Grey- RAL 7042
  9. Pure White – RAL 9010
  10. Hipca White – RAL 9910

Most Popular Gloss Level 2020

Customers have tended to move over to a matt finish more often this year just edging out a satin finish. A gloss finish is very rarely chosen with semi-gloss still a fairly popular option.

Popular Items Sprayed On Site

Our teams can spray apply architectural metalwork on-site, some of the most popular items getting the grey treatment this year have been:

If you require any advice on upcoming refurbishment work, please contact our technical team who can help.