The appearance of any building can be vastly improved simply through painting PPC (Previously Powder Coated) windows and door frames and this Shop Direct Call centre was one of three buildings that needed reviving. Two had already been refurbished by the time Vanda Coatings were called in, but this third one needed to look in good condition in time for a VIP who was due to be viewing the area. In this case re-spraying the metalwork on the building was a way of creating construction ‘eye candy’!

Our Vanda Coatings team were required to re-coat all the PPC porthole windows and exterior doors in this unoccupied building. The work was time consuming because there were 140 round windows and 8 sets of doors in total. Originally these had been powder coated and then hand painted in red which had left unsightly brush marks on all the surfaces. In order to eradicate these brush marks from the hand painting the team used an electric sander on the substrate. They then masked up as can be seen in the photo, so there would be no overspray on the cladding. This was followed up by bar coating which is a sealant to stop the layer that was hand painted from reacting with the top coat spray applied by our Vanda team. All this exterior work painting PPC windows was carried out in time for the VIP visit (see the black finish on the top photo) and was then followed up with a refurbishment of the interior.

ppc windows completed
ppc windows masked up