This project involving painting powder coated entrance doors, took place in Leamington Spa for Majestic Wine. All the work was carried out within shop opening hours since our professionals are experienced in working in live environments. The interior and exterior of one roller shutter door, fire exit doors and the entrance doors to this commercial property were all re-sprayed grey by our Vanda team.

All the re-coating was at the back of the shop, not at the front which meant customers and the public were not disturbed by the re-spray. However, health and safety is always the main concern, so barriers were erected around the spraying area to protect people who were using the car park.

The whole retail outlet was being refurbished, but the shop fitters had finished their work in time for our team to start theirs. The surfaces were not even as they had originally been hand painted. Furthermore, they were in bad condition, but there are various ways of dealing with this.

All of the original coating that had deteriorated was rubbed down with sandpaper using an electrical sander. The substrates were then washed down with soapy water because it had been previously hand painted. If our team leader had decided to use thinners to degrease, there was a chance these chemicals could have lifted the original coating which would have caused problems further on down the line.

The next stage was masking up. Because the metalwork was in bad condition, bar coat was applied before spraying on the top coat. This can be seen on the roller shutter shown in the bottom right photo. In this case the top coat contained thinners and the bar coat prevents the coating from lifting off. After applying the grey top coats (shown in the top right photo), our team de-masked and cleared up.

There wasn’t a skip onsite in this instance, so our team took all their rubbish away with them. Painting powder coated entrance doors as well as recoating all the other metal items was completed in one day and the client was happy.