Painting Metal Entrance Canopies

Canopies can be placed at the entrances of buildings, over walkways or used to provide shelter in outdoor spaces. Designed to serve as a shield from the elements as well as to enhance the aesthetics of a building, a canopy needs to function well and look appealing. They can be expensive to replace, so painting metal entrance canopies is the perfect way of updating them. With a little refurbishment canopies can be restored to their former architectural glory or transformed with clever use of colour and logos.

The roofs of canopies can be cleaned or replaced if necessary and any metal framework can be painted electrostatically. This process essentially creates a magnetic field where the positively charged paint is strongly attracted to the negatively charged metal surface. This resilient attraction results in a robust, durable bond and ensures even hard to reach surfaces are coated due to the paint effectively wrapping around the metal.

Canopies can be installed over the entrances of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and all types of commercial and residential buildings. Furthermore, their versatility is matched by the variety of products available. Structures range from traditional to contemporary, apex, domed and cantilevered and the metal framework of all types of canopies can be painted. The coverings come in a range of materials too from polycarbonate to waterproof tensile fabric canopies or glass roofs.
They can be wall mounted or free standing and, therefore placed practically anywhere. Free standing canopies such as cantilevers or umbrellas offer protection against the weather and can be installed to make alfresco dining areas, outdoor classrooms and playgrounds as well as covered car parks. These are visually pleasing as well as functional and any canopy can improve a commercial building if chosen appropriately and maintained properly.

Entrance canopies are architectural features in their own right and add aesthetic value to the exterior of a building as well as creating extra space. They are multi-purpose in that they pinpoint the correct entrance for visitors or clients to use as well as welcoming them into a building. If people have to wait outside, an entrance canopy serves as an extension to a porch, shielding them from adverse weather and they are perfect for nearly all types of public or commercial premises from hotels and restaurants to schools, hospitals and care homes.

Covered walkways are also appropriate for an array of properties and the design, like any type of canopy can be chosen to suit the style of the building. Whether they are free standing or wall mounted, bespoke covered walkways can be crafted to cope with an uneven ground or winding paths with varying angles. Side fills can be fitted for added protection against the elements.

Side fills can also be added to canopies that are predominantly functional such as bicycle and buggy shelters. The frames can be made from steel, so that they are robust with polycarbonate panels in order that they are resistant to vandalism as well as weathering. As they are often separate from buildings, the appearance of these protective shelters may be forgotten about, but a quick re-spray of the architectural metalwork can make them look as good as new which makes good business sense.

Any canopy can have a logo emblazoned on it to advertise a company and awnings which are often seen outside shops and restaurants have the advantage of being retractable either manually or electronically. Traditional striped fabrics on awnings on village shops conjure up a feeling of a close nit community and a nostalgic shopping experience. However, a modern construction can update the exterior of a business and increase footfall.
A contemporary feel is associated with shade sail systems which consist of sail like canopies attached to metal poles and are available in an assortment of sizes and configurations. They are stylish as well as versatile in terms of their design as they are made up of various components and they are built to last. Because they provide UV protection, they are often used in playgrounds, car parks and picnic areas.

Both good and bad weather can be great for any organisation if an attractive, new or painted metal entrance canopy is used to provide protection for the public. The education, retail, leisure, health and hospitality sectors can all benefit from these architecturally eye-catching features.