Conservatories are a fantastic addition to buildings such as hotels and restaurants, but if in a state of disrepair they can make a property seem unattractive. Many people avoid painting metal conservatories because there are so many elements in the construction including a vast number of glass panels that need to be masked off. However, if a professional company is brought in to carry out the work, the finish will make any metalwork or UPVC look like new. Electrostatic painting on a conservatory in Worcester was the process chosen for recoating as it is the most effective when it comes to intricate metal architecture.

In this case the owners had asked their architect to match ‘chartwell green’ from a standard colour swatch, but the resulting colour was not what the owners envisaged.  After researching possible matches, BS14C35 was chosen and just to make sure the match would be perfect Vanda Coatings prepared a sample which was then sent to Worcester for approval.

The owners were happy with the British Standard colour ‘Serpentine Green’, so our team got to work on electrostatically spraying the conservatory. Vanda Coatings often arrange access in order to carry out work at height and of course all our operatives have the appropriate qualifications such as PASMA and IPAF certificates. In this case the property owners arranged for scaffolding to be built around the conservatory after liaising with us.

Unfortunately, when our team arrived on site in Worcester to begin masking up, it rained and the downpour continued throughout the day, so this important preparation had to be postponed until the following day. Luckily our professionals are extremely efficient when it comes to masking brickwork and glass and are experienced in electrostatically painting a large number of metal frames while avoiding overspray on adjacent surfaces. Because the electrostatic method wraps around negatively charged metal with an attraction that reduces overspray it is often chosen for painting metal conservatories. With a new coating in the perfect colour the owners were happy with the electrostatic painting of their conservatory roof.