Painting Lift Doors

Though robust, lift landing doors are subject to wear and tear like any interior metalwork that comes into contact with people. The lifts may be functioning perfectly well, but can look shabby with scratches, dents and marks. Anyone using lifts in bad aesthetic condition may not have a good impression of the property and, therefore the business, so painting lift doors electrostatically including the frames and the inside of lifts can restore them, so they look newly installed.

How We Spray Paint Lift Doors

Obviously, lifts have to be sprayed on site and the method used is usually electrostatic paint spraying, so this work is best completed out of hours. The organisation can then carry on operating with little or no disruption. Our professional sprayers will be able to prepare, electrostatically spray paint lift doors and de-mask in a few hours leaving the metalwork to dry overnight and ready for use the next day.

1. This process starts off with health and safety which is of the utmost importance, so the area around the lifts will be cordoned off.

2. The next stage is masking off the parts surrounding the surface that is to be painted. Polythene sheeting is taped to walls and button consoles are masked with masking paper and tape, so that overspray doesn’t damage any mechanisms.

3. The substrate is thoroughly cleaned and any dents and scratches are filled then abraded to provide a smooth surface ready for the primer. At this point any unsightly rust or graffiti can be removed.

4. A top coat is then applied electrostatically and any colour can be matched. Furthermore, metallic coatings can be used to accurately resemble a steel, brass or copper finish.

5. Once the coatings have been applied the masking can be removed and the newly coated lift will be left to dry.

If a lift is in good working order, replacing lift doors would be expensive and unnecessary, so painting them electrostatically or even using HVLP will result in a factory finish at a fraction of the price of buying new. Generally, it is the external landing doors and frames that need to be re-coated, but the inside of the lift doors as well as internal panelling and ceilings can be re-sprayed for a total makeover. A professional on-site paint spraying company will be experienced in electrostatic lift door spraying. They will be adept at removing surface imperfections and spraying all types of lifts from passenger lifts in offices, shops and apartments to goods lifts and specially designed lifts.