Painting Ceiling Voids

Painting ceiling voids improves the appearance of a roof space very quickly and is an increasingly popular way of updating any interior. The space under an internal roof above ceiling height is known as a ceiling void which may be left open or covered up by a ceiling. This area is generally used for storing services, cables and pipes which can look messy because they differ in size, shape and colour. Consequently, owners of commercial properties may decide to install a suspended ceiling over a ceiling void to cover up these services such as ducting for HVAC systems, electrical conduits and galvanised pipes.

A suspended ceiling provides a flat surface over these mechanisms, but reduces the height of the interior, may affect the acoustics and can be expensive to install. If it has already been installed a suspended ceiling can be re-coated to refurbish it. A cheaper alternative to installing a new suspended ceiling is to spray ceiling voids to maximise space whilst achieving a contemporary look.

Any part of ceilings including the ceiling void and soffit can be coated in any RAL or BS colour with any gloss level and spray painting will ensure an even coverage on irregular and hard to reach surfaces. Furthermore, any substrate can be sprayed from concrete to plastic and of course any type of conduit including galvanised metal and fibre glass can be coated. It is simply a matter of making sure the right type of environmentally friendly specialised paint is used. A professional company will ensure the correct coating is chosen without the need for sanding, priming or sealing the various substrates located in ceiling voids.

Before the ceiling spraying process begins, polythene sheeting is used to cover office furniture or point of sale terminals and any other items that need to be protected, so there is as little disruption as possible to the working area. An expert sprayer can use ladders, towers or stilts with the most modern HVLP equipment to ensure the paint adheres to the various surfaces often found in ceiling voids. This means painting ceiling voids is a fast process that needs not impinge on the day to day running of a business and any commercial property can benefit from such a makeover.