Paint Spraying Contractors

Success is built upon a positive impression which entails much more than branding and a prolific marketing campaign. Many aspects of a business influence the perception of customers, clients and staff including the appearance of the building itself. As well as being safe, business premises should look good in order to perpetuate a good reputation and professional paint spraying contractors play a part in this.

We know that first impressions count. How well a commercial building is painted as well as the colour chosen can make the difference between a new customer deciding to try out the business or walking straight past it. Renewing paintwork on architectural metalwork such as window and door frames not only revitalises premises it also protects the underlying surface, thus extending the life of a property.

People often paint their houses themselves and may wonder why painting a commercial property would be any different. Often business premises are much larger than domestic ones, but the magnitude isn’t the only good reason for hiring professional painting contractors. Specially designed coatings will be required for the variety of surfaces found in a business structure and thorough preparation is important for a good result. Different skills and equipment are called for when it comes to painting industrial buildings as opposed to houses and a professional company should have experienced personnel to carry this work out to a high standard.

When a property needs re-painting it is worth employing the services of commercial painting contractors, but how can the best company be chosen for the job? Price is not the only criteria to consider, so the following factors will help guide choice:

• An Experienced Company

Construction sites are not always easy locations to work in and a professional paint spraying company should have the experience of being able to deliver their service to any type of business site.

An established paint spraying company will have knowledge of all possible coatings and when to use different applications. They will be efficient without wasting time and therefore money by using inadequate products. A company with a good reputation should also have sophisticated equipment necessary to complete the work to a high standard within the shortest amount of time possible.

Vanda Coatings have been established since 1997 with our directors being on board since Vanda’s inception. One of our Directors is also our health and safety officer and as such is highly qualified.

• A Safe Company

Part of our remit is to ensure staff always work to a high safety standard. Re-coating large properties often entails the use of scaffolding or aerial lifts to enable work at height and these are not without risks.

All individual employees are appropriately qualified and furthermore, Vanda Coatings have a comprehensive health and safety policy which is backed up by Safecontractor, CHAS and SMAS certificates. These validate our concern for the health and safety of the public as well as our staff, but we are also insured up to £10 million just in case, though our health and safety record is spotless.

• Highly Skilled Operatives

All our operatives have been trained in various paint spraying techniques and have experience with different methods of spray applying a range of coatings. Vanda Coatings provide all employees with on-going in-house training in airless spraying, HVLP and electrostatic paint spraying.

They all also have relevant training for working at height such as IPAF and PASMA certificates and qualifications necessary for working specifically in the construction industry such as UKATA. It goes without saying that all our operatives have CSCS cards.

• The Best Techniques

Highly trained operatives within an experienced company are more likely to use the correct method of spray applying paint on to metalwork and be adept at all the stages involved. Any spray painter worth their salt will know that preparation is essential for achieving perfectly coated metal surfaces and how this is carried out varies according to the specifics of each job.

Different substrates require a range of techniques for cleaning, preparing and spraying architectural metal. For example, an expanse of very dirty cladding may need grit-blasting before it is painted and a professional company will know when and how this should be done as well as actually being able to do this work.

A comprehensive service could include repairs such as fixing cut edge corrosion and any company should invest in the highest quality products for all aspects of their work. They will also take care to mask off areas which are not be painted because overspray is an expensive and time consuming problem as discovered by many amateurs.

• Any Type of Commercial Building

Vanda Coatings have nearly 20 years’ experience working on a huge assortment of commercial buildings. These range from re-coating cladding on large industrial warehouses to small shop fronts on high streets. This means that if a company needs their curtain walling re-coating, we can do it, but we can also re-spray their office furniture if required.

We have worked on outlets of nearly every high street brand as well as an enormous range of corporations. Organisations come back to us time and time again.

• All Sectors

We have covered all commercial sectors such as retail, leisure, health, education and public services. So if gym equipment needs re-coating or the perimeter fence all the way round an office block, Vanda Coatings can do it as we have successfully completed these types of projects many times over.

• Anywhere in the UK

We have teams located throughout the UK, so we can deliver our on-site paint spraying service to any project anywhere.
Paint spraying contractors should be able offer their service at a time convenient for the business owners which is why Vanda employees are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our mobile service can be brought to a live setting with the option of working out of hours.