As we approach the last quarter of this year we look at the predictions for most popular colours for 2018.  Previously we have mentioned that colours do seem to go through stages. Just before the millennium a lot of cladded buildings and office windows were coated a dark blue colour. Around the millennium the most popular colour was silver and Car Dealerships and cladding were eager to change this colour, this eventually led to White, black and the most recent trend where a lot of clients choose grey. Here are the predictions for the paint colour of the year 2018.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Dulux have predicted that their colour of the year is Heart Wood. They describe the paint as a warm pink colour. This is the fifteenth year that Dulux has predicted future colours. These are more suited to interior colour schemes

Previous Dulux Colours of the Year:

  • 2017 Denim Drift
  • 2016 Cherished Gold
  • 2015 Copper Blush
  • 2014 Sea Urchin
  • 2013 Indigo Night

PPG Colour of The Year 2018

PPG have named their colour of the year as Black Flame. This is a black colour with dark indigo undertones. It looks like a shade of grey to us in the Vanda Office.

Previous PPG Colours of the Year:

  • 2017 Violet Verbana ( A Grey-Purple)
  • 2016 Paradise Found (Green with an undertone of blue)
  • 2015 Blue Paisley (A vibrant Blue)
  • 2014 Turning Oakleaf (A pastel like Yellow)

Vanda Coatings Predictions for 2018:

Shades of Grey

It’s hard to see past the current trend of grey. It seems to have been a popular colour for the past 2 years and still getting a lot of requests to carry out work in varying shades. Grey is a popular choice of suspended ceilings, shop fronts, windows and cladding. The dark colour suggested by Dulux fits in with this theory and we can see multi-tone colour schemes becoming popular gain with dark greys and blacks being offset with brighter colours. We can re-coat items or architectural metalwork by paint spraying onsite.


Whatever colour requirement you have for your planned refurbishment projects we can help. Please contact us.