This guide will help you discover the benefits of on-site spraying services and how they can revolutionise finishes in construction and refurbishment projects. Learn about the latest techniques and materials for durability, efficiency, and aesthetics.

What is On-Site Spraying?

On-site spraying is a method of applying decorative and protective coatings to surfaces on-site. The service is typically undertaken as part of a refurbishment, maintenance or construction project.

What Methods of Spraying Are Used?

Depending on the location and substrate that requires treatment, there are different methods of applying paint via spray guns on site.

The three methods of spraying we undertake are:

  • Airless Spraying- Used on larger areas such as cladded warehouses, suspended ceilings and roofs
  • HVLP Spraying- Used typically on shop fronts, architectural metal work, windows
  • Electrostatic Spraying- Intricate areas such as staircases, lift doors, and gates.

Airless Spraying

Airless Spraying on ceiling

Airless spraying pumps out large quantities of paint very quickly. This makes it ideal for spraying ceiling soffits and other large areas

HVLP Spraying


HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spraying is more controlled and produces a fine finish making it perfect for spraying metalwork on windows and shopfronts

Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying on gates

Electrostatic Spraying is specialised and aimed at spraying intricate metal areas such as railings and gates, office furniture, balustrades.

What Projects Involve Spraying?

Typically, on-site spraying is undertaken for various commercial refurbishment, construction, and maintenance projects.

Projects include:

  • Supermarket and retail fit-outs
  • Office refurbishments
  • Maintenance to industrial units
  • Car showroom upgrades

What Substrates are Sprayed?

Various surfaces can be sprayed with coatings, depending on customer requirements. As a company, we concentrate on architectural re-coatings and typical projects include:

  • Office Windows
  • Shopfronts
  • Roller shutters
  • Signage and Fascias
  • Cladded industrial units
  • Ceiling Soffits
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Lift Doors
  • Staircases and Balustrade
  • Previously Powder Coated Items

Why Choose Spraying over Other Options?

The benefits of utilising onsite spraying include:

  • Superior finish over brush and roller
  • Refreshing and recycling instead of renewing
  • Cost-effective and efficient solution
  • Increase longevity of surfaces
  • Swift colour changes are part of rebranding projects.
  • Convenient solution as opposed to the disruption of replacement.

How is On-site Spraying Carried Out?

Each project is unique because the condition, type of work undertaken, and location vary. Our project management team will liaise with contractors and clients to programme how to tackle a project. This could involve working around business hours to avoid disruption during trading.

All substrates require preparation regardless of the spraying technique, which is key to a successful finish.

Masking protection is utilised to protect surrounding areas from overspray

The coating used will be advised and is tested for the substrates to make sure it’s longevity and quality finish.

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Anthony Jones
Anthony has over 24 years experience of spraying on construction and refurbishment sites. Starting in 2000 as a business development officer before progressing into estimating and contracts management.