Office Partition Colours | Update Your Office Interior

If an office is badly designed and the wrong colour, productivity and staff morale may be lower than necessary, but simply re-thinking the working space could improve efficiency and therefore ultimately increase profit. If you would like to create private areas within an open plan office then office partitioning is often the perfect solution. A partition can completely transform an office into an interior that functions more effectively in terms of use of space. Partitioning can also be used to modernise a company in a practical and stylish way.

Every office has its individual functions and dynamics, so partitioning needs to be planned thoughtfully and ergonomically designed. It may well be worth utilising the services of an architect, interior designer or a fit out company that specialises in offices. They will be adept at analysing your requirements and taking into account statutory considerations such as fire safety, lighting levels, ventilation and temperature control.

When designing an office layout and choosing partitioning there are many other factors to think about. It is important to analyse the way individuals and teams interact with each other as this will help determine how much open space is needed and how many individual offices are required. Once the number has been determined, the size of offices needs to be considered with storage space taken into account. A high volume of paper used by a company may mean larger desks as well as space for photocopiers and filing cabinets. On the other hand companies such as call centres usually work using screens, so a smaller amount of space is needed for each person. Even in an open plan office, screens can be placed between desks to attenuate noise and create a feeling of privacy for staff. Another issue is the amount of shared space. How many meeting rooms are needed? Could a meeting room double up as break room?

If you have a good idea of what you want, there is a wide array of both functional and creative partitioning available on the market. The structure of office partitions can be totally solid or partly glazed and may reach up to the ceiling or be lower in height. Dry Wall Partitioning Systems are a cost effective way of creating an office corridor or staff toilets. They are also one of the fastest types of partitioning to install. The natural look of solid wood is visually appealing, but a cheaper veneer can look just as good and both are ideal for board and conference rooms. The high tech look of glass partitioning has the advantage of being soundproof, but will maximise natural light thus keeping lighting bills to a minimum.

How the company will expand in the future also needs to be thought about. Many offices need to change their layout and the frequency of this change is known as the churn rate. Consequently, some partitions can be customised and interchangeable to suit various uses or movable, so that the office space can be altered easily. Whether the chosen partitioning system is permanently static or consists of moveable walls or sliding panels, a range of colours can be used. If you already have partitioning in your office and you simply want to refurbish it or re-brand then office partitioning can be electrostatically re-coated easily on site. Even if the partitioning is glass, the office partition frame can be re-coated rather than replacing the whole structure and glass itself can be sprayed.

Whatever you opt for it is extremely important that any partitioning functions well acoustically and structurally. If you have chosen partitioning in order to create a private meeting room and it transpires every word in a conversation can be overheard then your partitioning is obviously not serving its purpose. Whatever design you choose, any fixings need not be visible, but an office partition must be stable. A partition that falls over in the middle of a meeting is not conducive to a positive working environment!