Office Furniture Restoration

Office Furniture Restoration

Office Furniture Restoration

When an office is furnished the outlay can be a substantial, but necessary investment for the comfort of staff and as a positive reflection of a business. Once office furniture starts to show signs of wear and tear, it can compromise an organisation’s image. Then it is certainly worth thinking about office furniture restoration rather than wasting money on replacement especially as a large expenditure isn’t always necessary.

Filing cabinets can be re-coated and the existing metal frameworks on desks and chairs can be also be restored by spray painting them. Renovation is not just for workstations, reception desks, lockers, cupboards, runners and metal castors, locks, handles and even lamps can be re-sprayed in any colour.

Larger objects benefit from an overhaul as well. Office partitioning, lift doors and other metal items can be electrostatically paint sprayed in any commercial setting from retail to leisure. Furniture and more permanent features in conference centres, hotels, restaurants, pubs, medical centres and shops can all be restored to their former glory with a re-spray.

A respectable paint spraying company will offer a re-coating service on site and if the process is an electrostatic re-spray then this can take place in a live environment without the need to remove items. This is because positively charged paint clings to the negatively charged metal surfaces as opposed to nearby items (though to be safe, adjacent surfaces would be masked off anyway).

With a professional company taking all the hassle out of re-coating, renovating office furniture is easy and the advantages are abundant.

Advantages of Restoring Office Furniture

1. An entire office interior can be uplifted and made over simply by re-vamping the office furniture. It is not always necessary to redecorate everything.
2. Furniture can easily be painted to match the colours of any existing corporate brand.
3. If an organisation is re-branding, all the metalwork on any office furniture can be re-coated to match.
4. Overhauling office furniture will save a company money because it is much cheaper than replacement.
5. It will also be a more environmentally friendly option than buying new furniture. A smaller carbon footprint is good for business and good for the world.
6. An interior with smart looking office furniture transmits a confident message to all business service users. Clients and customers will unconsciously have a positive image of the company.
7. Staff and all personnel situated in the office will feel that the company they work for cares about them as a result of the investment in their environment.
8. Re-spraying the metalwork on office furniture extends the life of furniture because a new coating will protect the underlying surface from bashes and prevent any moisture from getting into the substrate and causing rust.
9. Any renovations can be carried out on site, outside of normal working hours, so companies can carry on operating as normal.
10. Furniture need not be removed from the office before re-spraying and the contents of filing cabinets and cupboards may remain for minimal disruption to the business.

Investing a small amount in office furniture restoration will pay off because the business interior will look so much better and this great PR need not cost the earth.

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