Ode to Vanda Coatings on World Poetry Day

Ode to Vanda Coatings on World Poetry Day

If your suspended ceiling
Needs a little healing
Or you need to nurture
Your shabby office furniture
For a little bit of expenditure
On metal in your architecture
Just give us a call
And we’ll spray your curtain wall

We are not gloating,
But you’ll love electrostatic coating
It has a high transference rate
So do not hesitate
To get a free estimate
If you are worried about your substrate
Or ironwork ornate

Is your problem cut edge corrosion?
A problem with rust?
Or some sort of abrasion?
We’ll re-spray it professionally
For maximum adhesion

If you want us to spray your shop front and cladding
Or even your veranda
Any architectural metalwork
So not your pet panda
Coating on site, far and wide
Not as far as Uganda
Our operatives are qualified
They’ve even got PASMA
Just get in touch with us
We are known as VANDA

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