Mobile Paint Spraying

A mobile paint spraying service for re-coating exterior or interior metalwork takes away the expense of replacement and reduces disruption to the workplace. A company with a fleet of spraying teams will be able to offer their service anywhere in the UK or Europe and be accomplished at working on a huge array of metal items. Architectural metalwork can be found in an enormous range of commercial businesses such as retail or hospitality outlets and offices or it may make up the bulk of a structure itself such as sports stadiums or an atrium on top of a modern structure.

A comprehensive paint spraying company will be able to re-coat any architectural metalwork from aluminium to galvanised steel. Items ideal for mobile paint spraying are immovable objects such as shop front frameworks, curtain walling, iron railings and lift doors. Small and sometimes intricately detailed metalwork such as office furniture and grids covering ventilation systems will also benefit from being spray painted in situ.

Areas That can be Sprayed On Site

Sometimes the metalwork that needs a re-spray is more decorative than functional. Sculptures or the filigree ironwork found in old fashioned conservatories fit into this category. Of course, entrance canopies and many other metal architectural features are designed to have a protective or structural function as well as to be visually appealing.

The metalwork itself may well be adequate for purpose even after many years, but weathering and general wear and tear can impair the appearance of a metal surface. Paint can fade if exposed to the elements or chip if knocked and a re-coat carried out by professional mobile paint sprayers can make metal look as good as new at a fraction of the price of replacement. Re-spraying will also increase the longevity of the metalwork. A solid coat of paint will protect the substrate from becoming damaged by moisture and stop it from deteriorating.

Any rust can be removed as well as the old paint. Dents can be filled and the surface will then need to be abraded so that once the metalwork is re-sprayed the new coating will be smooth. Technological advances have led to the manufacturing of environmentally friendly coatings that are quick to dry. Consequently, a mobile paint spraying team can prepare the substrate, re-coat (out of hours if preferred) and clear the site within a matter of hours, so an organisation can operate as normal the next day. With the availability of such efficient services resulting in beautiful finishes, re-branding or simply refurbishment is an effective way of enhancing the image any building.

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