Vanda Coatings were contracted for metal window painting at Kings Street, Manchester. We recoated all the internal window frames on seven specified floors in this fourteen storey office block right in the city centre of Manchester. Since various companies were based on different floors, the specifics of how the spraying was approached was tailored to suit the needs of the individual organisations.

For example, the 14th floor was electrostatically painted with a 2-pack acrylic paint. This coating was also Isocyanate free and Vanda always use these types of coatings because isocyanates are an irritant and we take our responsibility for the health and safety of the public very seriously.

On some of the other floors, water based paint was used to coat the window frames. This environmentally friendly coating was perfect for the 12th floor because the storey below was occupied and water based paint emit less fumes than other coatings. This meant that the office workers on the 11th floor could carry on with their work as normal. Our teams at Vanda Coatings are experienced in spraying in live environments without disrupting the day to day running of a business, but some of the Kings Street floors were being completely refurbished and therefore unoccupied.

On tall buildings the internal window frames are often designed to provide structural support whereas on exteriors the windows sometimes have lighter clip on frames. On Kings Street the interior support frames were four inches thick, so the preparation took marginally longer than if we had been working on a building with less floors.

This preparation generally entailed rubbing down the substrate of the window frames with fine sandpaper followed by masking where required to protect surfaces from overspray. Because the aluminium had originally been powder coated, this in effect served as a primer, so another primer didn’t have to be applied. Furthermore, as long as this base is keyed properly with the sandpaper, the top coat will adhere to it. The frames were cleaned with a degreasing agent and a tack cloth was then used to remove any leftover dust. A smooth, dust free surface was necessary before the metal window painting at Kings Street for an even finish. In this case our Vanda operatives applied 4 layers of top coat in the specified light grey colour for a durable veneer.

spraying balcony
office windows complete