Metal Handrail and Balustrade Painting in Nike Harrods

Vanda Coatings were called in for metal handrail and balustrading painting in Nike, Harrods. Harrods in Knightsbridge, London is the biggest department store in Europe and is possibly the most famous. Founded in 1834 it has grown to encompass a wide variety of brands on its premises. One of these is the American sports label Nike which is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of sportswear and equipment.

The Nike store is a large retail space within Harrods, London selling its top range of trainers and sportswear and this worldwide label were updating their brand. The remit for Vanda Coatings was re-spraying a large handrail and metallic mesh balustrade along an internal sloped walkway. The metal had originally been powder coated in a very dark grey (shown bottom right) and was going white (as shown in the top right photo).

It was still in good condition, but this project was about updating the brand rather than renovation. The foreman had recommended the rail remained untouched as he was concerned that a new layer of paint would get scratched easily especially as the metal had been previously powder coated. However, if prepared properly and the most durable coating is applied, there is no reason why a finish shouldn’t last. The client decided to go ahead with the new branding and our team were up to the task.

Access into the store wasn’t easy. There was a separate underground car park opposite Harrods, so the team had to walk through a tunnel under the road with all their paint spraying equipment and materials in order to reach Nike. Security was also, understandably a big issue especially as Harrods is often frequented by the rich and famous. At one point during the project our Vanda team had to stand down for an hour while the superstar Rihanna was shopping. Harrods was shut for her and no one was allowed to move from the behind the awning separating them. For the rest of the time the main contractor installed hoarding to separate the public and other trades from the refurbishment taking place in Nike.

To ensure the whole renovation ran smoothly, the Nike store itself was not live, but the rest of Harrods remained open. It was decided that our team would carry out their work in shifts that started after 10pm and they would work on through the night until 7am the next morning. This is partly because there were other trades working on the site together such as electricians, painters, joiners and floor fitters, so different elements of the refurbishment had to be worked on at different times.

The substrate of the handrail along the ramp was rubbed down with sandpaper, cleaned with thinners and then everything was masked up with paper and sheeting. This entailed covering the floors, walls, hi-tech cameras and computers in order to protect them from overspray. Then the metal handrail and balustrade painting in Nike Harrods was completed and the main contractor was happy.

black rail vanda coatings
white rail vanda coatings
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