Industrial Door Spray Painting

There are an enormous number of commercial buildings in the UK including warehouses, factories, retail outlets and other industrial units. Every single one of these premises will have at least one industrial door and after a period of time industrial door spray painting will be needed because good maintenance will make them last longer and improve the appearance of properties.

Some industrial buildings will have a variety of doors depending on their function and their construction will also vary accordingly. Consequently, there are a range of industrial doors available on the market and nearly all of them can be re-coated:

Painting Personnel Entrance Doors – These are the most common type of door on all premises as they provide access for staff and visitors in and out of a building. Additionally, internal doors allow access from one part of a building to another and both are found in small shops as well as very large industrial units. Personnel Entrance Doors are made in diverse materials such as wood or metal for more security. Personnel Fire Doors are also widely installed as a crucial health and safety feature. They are designed to prevent fire from spreading and can be classified according to the period of time they will contain a fire for.

Re-Spraying Roller Shutter Doors – Like personnel doors, this type of door can be found on a wide range of buildings because they are ideal security shutters for openings with limited vertical space. This is because when they open the individual, interlocking horizontal panels roll up into a tube above the door to save space. They simply roll down (electronically or manually) when shut forming a complete enclosure serving as an effective security measure. Generally these archetypal commercial doors are assembled out of metal, but sometimes they are made of strong plastic.
Like most doors, these are available in a range of finishes such as galvanised metal, Plastisol, painted or powder coated. Sometimes the original coating fails, but roller shutters can easily be re-sprayed in any colour, so that they look as good as new.

Spray Painting Sectional Doors – Access to a main entrance for goods into an industrial building is easily controlled using overhead sectional doors because individual panels can be opened and closed.These literally open and close in separate sections either electronically or manually with hand chains and are often called an ‘up and over’ door. They are affordable, efficient and secure. Sectional doors can be manufactured in almost any material with the choice of insulated panels for energy efficiency and noise protection. They are also able to cope with a high volume of traffic. Consequently, they are often chosen for garages, factories and warehouses. The ubiquitous Plastisol finish can be re-coated as it sometimes fades, chalks or peels off if damaged or exposed to the elements for a long period of time. The surface can be sanded back, primed and re-sprayed by a professional on-site paint spraying company while the building is live.

Spraying Industrial Sliding or Folding Doors – Sliding and folding doors can be installed in virtually any commercial building and the type and size varies. For example, fast opening folding doors are often found in fire stations and single skinned doors are perfect for unheated warehouses used for storage. On the other hand, insulated sliding or folding doors are ideal for commercial environments where sound and temperature effect workers and the public. Again, though built to last their longevity can be extended if maintained properly. A spray paint seals the underlying material to prevent corrosion and gives a good impression of a business.

Re-Coating Fast Action and Dynamic Doors – For areas with a high volume of traffic this type of door is most appropriate. It consists of a roll door with a variable opening speed and can open as fast as 2 metres per second. This rapid roll door can be opened using different methods such as a pull cord, swipe cards or more sophisticated radar sensors. The door is inexpensive and low maintenance. Furthermore, the curtain on the doors can be re-sealed easily if knocked by vehicles, so businesses can carry on operating. Any metalwork as well as some other materials can also be re-coated

Electrostatic Spraying of Security Grills – Physical security can be assured with retractable grills or gates that cover windows and entrances to offices, shops and other commercial buildings. They are attached to tracks at the top and bottom and simply slide and fold back when not in use. These versatile lattices are usually manufactured in galvanised steel for strength and polyester powder coated for an even finish and to protect the metal substrate from corroding. More often than not, they come in black or white, but they can be electrostatically re-sprayed in any colour for a stylish look that enhances the design of any property whilst keeping it secure.

The high volume of traffic in and out of commercial properties means that all types of doors are subjected to knocks and scratches. If they are not repaired, moisture can seep into the metalwork leading to corrosion which can weaken the structure. Replacement is much more expensive than protection, so maintenance is an easier option. Dents can be filled and scratches can be sanded back to result in a smooth finish. Industrial door painting not only safeguards the metal from deteriorating it also improves it aesthetically and is a perfect method for re-branding or simply uplifting the whole property.