Improving the Appearance of Car Showrooms to Increase Customers

Car manufacturers invest a vast amount of time, effort and money into ensuring their branding of vehicles appeals to the public and it is important that the showrooms reflect this high standard. Image is everything and dealerships housing cars for sale should be in the best possible condition because improving the appearance of car showrooms does increase customers. This is particularly important because customers take their time choosing cars and will not purchase lightly. Shrewd dealership managers know that if metal items have an immaculate finish then the public are much more likely to step into the showroom. If the metallic architecture of the interior matches the high quality of the outside of the building then customers will trust the brand.

What Metal Items Can be Spray Painted in Car Showrooms to Make Them Look Better?

Car showroom walls are often cladded and this metal can be restored with a fresh coat of paint following thorough preparation in order to make them look attractive. A good onsite spraying company should also be able to remedy cut edge corrosion. As well as solid metal cladding, dealerships invariably have a large amount of glass so that vehicles can be viewed through these large expanses of curtain walling. The metal framework securing the glass in place should be maintained properly not only for the sake of appearance, but also to prevent the substrate from corroding.

Dealerships usually have sliding or revolving entrances and they sometimes have canopies above them with signage fascias that may all need recoating. There will also be sliding doors that enable vehicles to be moved in and out of the showroom and metal fire exit doors as an essential safety measure. All of this metalwork needs refurbishing from time to time not just to maintain the integrity of the building, but possibly for a colour change due to rebranding.

Car showrooms inevitably have to be expansive because vehicles take up a large amount of display space. They are often on two floors, so stairs are part of the interior design and they need to look appealing. Because dealerships are almost always open plan, the underside of the stairs should be aesthetically pleasing as well as the treads, balustrades and handrail.

All sorts of metal items can be recoated and not just frameworks and staircases. Business managers may think that once the metallic parts of office furniture have become chipped or scratched that the only option is replacement. This is not the case as office furniture spraying can make a big difference in how an interior looks. Any type of metal can be rejuvenated and if a whole showroom is being rebranded or generally refurbished then all the metalwork can be restored.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) 1,287,265 new cars were registered from January to June 2014 which is a 10.6% increase and the largest rise since 2005. Things are looking up for the car industry, so now is the time to harness the trend for higher sales by improving the appearance of car showrooms to increase customers.