How Re-Coating Office Windows Can Make Your Building More Appealing

How Re-Coating Office Windows Can Make Your Building More Appealing

While the warm weather is still with us, now is a good time to refurbish office buildings in order to make them more appealing. Starting on the exterior is the perfect way of giving a good impression of any business. Clients are likely to assume that an immaculate exterior is mirrored by efficient inner workings of a company. Furthermore, if employees feel good about the building they work in, chances are they are going to be more positive about their work and in turn this is likely to be good for business.

Some basic ways to makeover an office building need not be expensive and small changes can make a big difference. The location of a building can’t easily be changed, but immediate surroundings can be spruced up. Simply removing weeds and making sure any plants and the lawn are manicured can improve the appearance of any business. Built-in concrete plant pots are indicative of attention to detail with the added bonus of easy maintenance.

Tackling the appearance of an office building that is below par can be daunting, but again refurbishing elements of an exterior improves the overall impression. Dirty brickwork can be cleaned with a pressure wash and small, seemingly imperceptible details can help with a possible image problem. Fixtures and fittings are important, so replacing address numbers or restoring shabby signage will improve the look of any exterior.

A popular and easy way to transform the outside of offices is by focussing on the windows. Office buildings usually have a large number of windows and many have curtain walling. If paint on the frames is chipped, flaking off, faded or simply the wrong colour for the business then this can have a very negative effect on how clients and staff perceive the workplace.

Even if the architectural metalwork is in a good condition, changing the colour as part of re-branding or simply to highlight the best features of a building is a positive move in staving off competition and showing off the business.

The colour of the paint should work with the whole building and it is best that metalwork doesn’t clash with the structure or architectural features, though contrasting colours can make a great statement. Furthermore, paint should complement door frames, fixtures and fittings such as security lights, address numbers and letter boxes as well as architectural metalwork on roofs and door canopies.

Building owners often ignore windows because they are so expensive to replace, but re-coating can make office windows look like new at a fraction of the cost. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to ensure that the best possible finish will stand the test of time and adverse weather conditions. An established company with experienced sprayers will make sure that the surface is thoroughly prepared before it is re-coated. Any dirt, grease or rust has to be removed and then the substrate etched, so that the new coating will adhere to the surface. Sanding back will also result in a smooth finish. Before re-spraying, the surrounding areas should be masked off, so that there is no overspray to brick or woodwork. Professional teams must be experienced in working at height and be IPAF and PASMA trained, so a tall office block with extensive curtain walling will not pose any problems. During painting an accomplished sprayer will ensure the thickness of the coating is perfect as will be the number of layers for increased resilience. It is always worth investing in high quality paints and of course, wherever possible these coatings should be water based, so that there is the minimum amount of impact on the environment.

If the above care is taken when re-painting office windows then re-spraying window frames can add years of life to the building. A re-spray protects the metalwork which reduces the need for replacement. If windows are in good condition, then the surrounding wall is less likely to be damaged by environmental factors such as rain and wind. This all adds value to the building and therefore the business.

A fresh coat of paint on office windows makes the surface look clean and automatically updates the whole structure. First impressions have a lasting effect, so with winter only a few months away, now is the time to get the ball rolling when it comes to refurbishing windows.

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