How Can I Brighten Up My Office Workspace?

How Can I Brighten Up My Office Workspace?

If you were designing your house or picking a hotel to stay in, chances are you wouldn’t choose a location that was drab and cheerless with harsh lighting. Unfortunately, when designing offices many organisations automatically plump for traditional dull furniture with white, beige or grey walls to match. It is this setting that sells or puts people off a business, so thinking about its appearance is crucial.

How a company’s workspace looks is extremely important for the people who inhabit it as well as for clients and customers who may visit even though their perception may be partly subconscious. The office provides visitors with a first impression and is a reflection of the business, therefore the walls, ceilings and office furniture are all part of a company’s brand. This environment is also where ideas should be generated, teams should be motivated and where employees should feel good about inhabiting. Employees spend up to a third of their life at work, so their moral and energy levels are important for productivity.

If the working environment is below par a refurbishment can make an enormous difference to the premises and is cheaper and more convenient than moving. When thinking about a full refurbishment, it may be worth employing the services of an interior fit-out company as they will ensure the area is safe to work in and that the space complies with other legislation such as energy performance which of course will also save money in the longer term. Professionals are also experienced in all aspects of interior design from the colour of the ceiling to totally reorganising the layout of workspaces.

A common complaint in offices is a lack of room and space can be saved by not automatically allocating everyone their own desk. Some people would rather stand up and staff might enjoy the option of moving around more. This not only benefits the physical layout of an office, it could also engender psychological flexibility. Mobile work spaces for mobile freer thinking people.

Various zones could be individually designed in terms of colour with furniture for different types of professional activity. There could be an area for taking breaks which could double up as space for meeting and talking through ideas and there could also a private space to concentrate without distraction. These functional areas don’t necessary have to be set in stone. Partitioning can temporarily create separate workstations and there are some stylish options.

The layout doesn’t necessarily have to change for premises to be given a totally new image. A newly re-coated ceiling is a great way of changing the whole feel of a room and a fresh style can be accomplished simply by changing the colour of ceilings, walls or even office furniture. Generally business furniture is wood effect or black, grey, black or beige, so changing the colour of individual items is an inexpensive way of re-branding. It is easy to break with tradition and be adventurous when re-spraying office furniture, but it doesn’t always have to be about colour change. If coatings on furniture, window frames, partitions or lift doors are chipped, flaking off or faded then re-painting them saves on the cost of replacement.

These and other small changes can have a big impact, so updating your brand need not be expensive or disruptive. Thinking about effective yet attractive lighting will improve the ambience of any environment and better use of storage space can reduce stress. Plants are a healthy and appealing addition to any environment and all sorts of artefacts can add colour and personality to an office. Decorative and functional objects can be used to represent a brand or culture of the workspace and if employees are allowed to integrate personal items into their surroundings, then they are more likely to feel comfortable and in control. Family photos or a few personal mementos can also help nurture an impression of community in the office by creating talking pieces. The space can seem more natural and this will engender a freedom for creativity.

It is difficult to predict how well a business is going to do and a refurbishment can seem frivolous in these lean times, but when an office is designed to effectively represent the brand and planned with employees in mind, productivity and growth will increase. It is worth remembering that sometimes a setting may only need one or two simple changes to have a positive impact on the whole location.

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