The appearance of aged powdered coated windows, doors and facades may show signs of significant fading. Powder coating can deteriorate at differing speeds dependent on conditions and if left without appropriate treatment may fail completely. We look at the causes of faded powder coating, how to prevent fading and options available for restoration.

Why does Powder Coating Fade?

  • Powder coating has a limited life expectancy
  • Environmental exposure especially in Coastal and city centre environments
  • Weathering especially in UK climate
  • Incorrect cleaning methods
  • UV rays, sun facing sections are faster to fade
  • Depends on existing colour, certain colours fade faster than others.
  • Other factors like bird droppings

When the powder coat starts to fade there may be evidence of chalking. Chalking is caused by UV light which affects the binder in the powder coat.

 How to Prevent Faded Powder Coating

  • Regular cleaning cycles. Minimum annually, more frequently in high build up areas.
  • Care and maintenance
  • Increase cleaning cycle if in coastal and city centre environments
  • Use appropriate cleaning methods, not harsh solvents or high-pressure spraying

Regular cleaning cycles have been proven to extend the life on existing powder coated finishes by 2-3 times. It is advised to record cleaning cycles and gather details of the cleaning products used. If the powder coating does begin to fail and fade the records will give a starting point in the investigation.

 How to restore faded powder coated aluminium

  • Survey the existing areas and compare different elevations to gauge the extent of paint failure
  • Clean existing areas with an appropriate cleaner and degreaser to remove contaminants.
  • Apply protect masking to areas that unaffected like brickwork and glazing
  • Abrade the surface lightly to key surface, clean after each operation to remove dust and debris
  • Apply specialist two-part acrylic powder coat restoration coating, applying multiple coats as required.
  • Carefully de-mask, clean down

Vanda Coatings have trained operatives with years of experience in restoring faded powder coat windows, doors, facades and fascia’s on site. We can offer a free non-obligation quote and survey on any commercial property. Please contact for further information