Escalator Spraying in Glasgow

This solicitors premises in Scotland is based in an old building which was undergoing a complete refurbishment. Consequently, there were a multitude of other trades working on the site including painters, electricians, building joiners and others carrying out renovations. Our Vanda team were specifically called in for escalator spraying in Glasgow and to recoat the two interior staircases either side of the escalator as well as a lift shaft. We strive to accommodate the needs of our clients, so this project was organised in a way that enabled the solicitor’s office to remain live while the re-spray took place.

Access wasn’t a problem for clients and staff because there were two staircases. The foreman kept one staircase open at a time for use, while our Vanda operatives worked on the other one and the escalator was the last big item to be refurbished. All the preparation was carried out in turn for each staircase during the day while the other was kept open for use. The actual spraying took place out of hours, so any paint fumes would not disturb people.

The balustrades, handrails and the sides of the escalator were all originally brass and were being updated with a coat of black top coat. Sometimes old coatings flake off especially if the surfaces have been inadequately prepared. In this case, there was no outer layer as the substrate was untreated brass which was merely old and scratched.

Before the final coat could be applied, the preparation had to be completed, so the brass was rubbed down with sandpaper and an electrical sander. The surface was then cleaned down with thinners and ‘inched up’. When it comes to masking off adjacent surfaces to protect them from overspray, masking tape an inch wide is placed around small items that need protecting such as sockets and light switches. Only after this ‘inching up’ can brown paper be taped to surfaces to protect them. This brown paper can be seen taped to walls and treads in the bottom photo. Large expanses of plastic sheeting were then placed over the escalator and the staircase that wasn’t being refurbished as well as the security desk. This masking was followed by coats of primer, a few coats of the black top coat and a final layer of lacquer as shown on the first photo

Lacquer is often used on staircases and other features that have repeated contact with people. It creates a more durable surface and adds an attractive lustre to the substrate. After clearing up and removing all the rubbish, we made sure the client in Glasgow was happy with our escalator spraying and the recoating of the stairs and lift shaft.

Escalator Spraying
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