Electrostatic Spraying of Security Shutters in Bow London

The independent estate agents, Felicity J Lord have branches throughout London and Vanda Coatings were called in for electrostatic spraying of their security shutters in Bow.

This outlet in East London had two shutters that were originally brown and our team electrostatically sprayed them purple. Electrostatic spraying was the method chosen because of the high rate of transference of paint to metal surface resulting in less overspray than conventional methods of spray painting. This process also has a wrap-around effect, so the paint coats surfaces that would otherwise be hard to reach. Consequently, electrostatic spraying was perfect for fully coating the grid structure of the security shutters as can be seen in the photo on the right.

A priority for Vanda Coatings is to cause the least amount of disruption possible to the operation of any business, so we often work out of hours. Our professional spray painters started masking up at about 6pm after the building was shut. They then rubbed down the metal security shutters, degreased the surface, so that the new coating would adhere to the grid properly.

The next stage was electrostatically spraying the security shutters in Bow, London which was carried out by one of our trained operatives. This method of spray applying paint takes practice and time to perfect and we have a high level of expertise which is why Vanda Coatings are called upon time after time. After removing all the masking, the paint was left to dry overnight then the Bow branch of Felicity J Lord was able to open the next morning ready for business as usual.

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