Electrostatic fence painting transformed the perimeter of Cabletec in Weston Super Mare, Somerset. Cabletec ICS Ltd is a manufacturer of metal braid products and they needed their own exterior metal work sprayed recently. Vanda Coatings were called in to paint two gates with a fence each side around their premises in Weston Super Mare because it was looking shabby since the old blue paint had been flaking off.

The preparation of the substrate involved the chipped coating being sanded back and this took Grant and Steve almost two days. Originally, the fence had been hand painted with water based paint. One of the problems with hand painting is that the coating shows up brush marks, consequently the coating was sanded down to create a smooth surface.

The fence was then bar coated using hvlp which took half a day, but is touch dry within half an hour. This process partly stops the oil based top coat from reacting with any of the remaining original water based paint. The bar coat also seals the surface and provides an even layer under the final coat. Our experienced operatives have noted that because bar coat is quite viscous, it serves as a builder. It simply builds up the surface, filling in any brush marks and dents to provide a flat layer.

Craig, our most experienced sprayer then electrostatically painted the fence in Somerset a contemporary black with the help of Jo which took approximately a day and a half.