Curtain Wall Painting BMW Yeovil

Dealership and curtain wall painting was carried out by our Vanda operatives at BMW Yeovil. The green archway was also painted by the team as can be seen in the photo on the right. This attractive architectural feature led into the Mini dealership which was situated in the same commercial building.

The re-spraying was part of a complete refurbishment project involving a range of other trades. Our operatives liaised with plasterers, painters and decorators, tillers and tarmacers, so that they could all successfully work alongside each other. Because the dealership was a building site, there were no BMW cars on the premises. Normally, if a car showroom is live, Vanda Coatings would suggest vehicles are moved away from the spraying, so that they are safely out of the way of even the tiniest spec of overspray.

The aluminium metal framework on this BMW dealership was anodised which is the hardest known finish on metalwork. Consequently, sanding down the substrate was more time consuming, but our operatives are experienced in working with this type of aluminium curtain walling. The state of the original paintwork is another factor affecting the length of time it takes to complete a project. In this case because the paint was peeling off, our professional operatives deduced that the original gold coloured paint had been applied without thoroughly preparing the metal substrate. Any paint sprayer worth their salt will know that inadequate preparation will lead to paint failure at some point.

Thorough preparation involved the original coating covering the curtain walling in South Somerset being scraped back and then sanded down. When paint is peeling, feathering out is a lengthier process than with a smooth coating. ‘Feathering out’ is necessary in order to flatten off any ridges. It entails tapering out the edges of a repair or layer of coating, in order to create a level surface which is essential for a perfect finish.

To carry out the preparation work and re-coating higher up the curtain walling, our team built 3.2 metre narrow towers. All our on-site staff are PASMA trained to qualify them in working at height using MEWPS.

The next stage in this curtain wall painting project was masking off areas that needed to be protected from any overspray. For the green archway, a tent was created to totally contain any overspray from affecting the office area nearby as shown in the photo. The Vanda Coatings team then filled in the dents in the architectural metalwork. Once this was completed, the surface of the window frames were primed with bondcoat and the following top coat that was used was the specialised BMW Dupont in the chosen colour matched by Vanda Coatings.

BMW Yeovil

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