Our teams recently completed a re-coating project at the Coach House Piano unit in Swansea.

The owner of the building required the interior and exterior of the showroom windows and doors to be re-coating a Black Matt colour scheme to match their new branding.

The colour beforehand was a green colour scheme.

Coach House Swansea Rebrand

Coach House front Before
Windows and railing Before

The roller shutter boxes and guides were also coated in green.

The existing railings and gates had faded and deteriorated so it was decided to re-coat these at the same time.

Our electrostatic equipment is perfect for re-coating items such as railings as the paint is attracted to the metalwork and creates a wrap-around effect which dramatically cuts down the amount of overspray that occurs.

Railings Electrostatic Primed
Railings Primed Using Electrostatic Coating Method

Re-coating Windows and Doors to Black

The finished result is a fresh rebrand for the Coach House Piano company that modernises the building’s exterior and fits in with their new corporate colour scheme.

Coach House After

Our team are experienced in re-coating in live retail environments. Fo further information please contact us.