In late 2023, we decided to run a competition for local businesses to win the opportunity of a shop front spraying makeover. The competition had a few aims: to help a local business update its shop front framework to appeal to passing customers, recycle paint that would have gone to waste if not used, and give a bit back to the local community.

The competition winner was Becky, the owner of Zia Boutique, located in Mermaid Quay Shopping Centre in Cardiff Bay. In April 2024, we visited the site to give it a new finish.

Condition of Shop Front Before

Zia boutique Front Entrance Framework before spraying

The Zia shopfront framework was in reasonable condition but showed areas of ageing to the existing power coat finish. The finish showed signs of breakdown, and the white finish was weathered and not visually appealing to passersby. The shopfront was a worthy competition winner of our first shopfront spraying giveaway.

The Transformation Begins

The Zia Boutique shop is in a busy pedestrianised part of a walkway through the Mermaid Quay shopping centre.

With this in mind, we arranged with Becky and the shopping centre management to attend during the earlier hours of the day to avoid disruption to other businesses and passers-by. A barrier protected the area.

As the shopfront was high level, our PASMA-certified operatives erected a mobile tower to ensure we could safely access all framework areas.

The windows and surrounding areas are sheeted with masking paper and tape to prevent overspray before the framework is prepared, which begins by rubbing down the existing surface.

Paint Spraying Begins

The spraying can begin after the shop front framework has been masked and prepared.

We apply specialist two-pack acrylic paints to existing powder-coated metalwork. These paints are hard-wearing and designed to coat and protect the metal while offering a smooth finish visually.

The coating is applied using the HVLP spraying method, which helps to achieve a smooth, even finish with less overspray.

Becky was sent a list of our current stock and decided on grey, which is very popular. After running a poll on social media, it was agreed that RAL 7015 Slate Grey would be the chosen colour.

The Finished Result

zia boutique finished after spraying

The result is a transformed shop front that looks brand new and immediately updates the exterior into a modern, visually appealing facade. Grey is a classic colour that makes a dramatic impact over aged surfaces.

If you are passing, why not look at the finish and pop in to see the products that Becky offers in Zia Boutique?

If you have any questions about spraying on-site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anthony Jones
Anthony has over 24 years experience of spraying on construction and refurbishment sites. Starting in 2000 as a business development officer before progressing into estimating and contracts management.