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Founded in 1869 and now with 1,016 outlets, Sainsburys is an integral part of the British retail landscape. Vanda Coatings have been responsible for refurbishing many of the Sainsburys Local shopfronts and as part of the revamping of the Sainsburys branch in Brixton, we were asked to electrostatically re-spray their checkouts.

Our teams are experienced in working in interiors as well as exteriors, so our professional sprayers quickly got to work in preparing this London store for spraying. The top photo on the right shows the checkouts before they were re-coated with the working parts having been masked off.

Our teams always take great care in preparing a location before spraying begins in order to avoid any possible snags. Obviously, masking off electrical parts, cables, machinery such as tills, pin machines and displays is essential, so that they do not get sprayed with paint. The electrostatic method was perfect for spraying checkouts in this London based outlet because it has a 98% transference rate of the paint to the surface. With a miniscule amount of overspray as well as the precautionary masking, only the counters were re-painted.

Another advantage of electrostatically spraying these checkouts was the wrap around effect resulting in hard to reach surfaces being coated smoothly. The coating was also quick to dry, so with the team working through the night this project was finished by the time the store was due to open the next day much to the delight of the client. The gleaming checkouts can be seen in the bottom right photo. A re-spray is so much cheaper than replacement, yet the finish is as good as new.

checkout spraying
checkout spraying
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