This year we are celebrating 20 years in business. 2017 is the 20th year of trading for Vanda Coatings. To celebrate we have launched a new website to showcase our case studies and services. Our company has evolved from a small business, offering small deep cleans on Shell petrol stations, to working with main contractors on large commercial properties throughout the UK. We have been through several learning curves and challenging times but we are happy to be celebrating 20 years in business.

Last year was a record year for Vanda Coatings and we secured over £1 million in new contracts. We have a dedicated team of operatives who have a large knowledge of paint application techniques. As a business, we are constantly looking at new products that are environmentally friendly and durable. Find out more about us.

Paint Trends Over The Years

When our clients contact us with their colour requirements we are more than happy to oblige. One thing that is apparent is that during certain years some colours are much more popular than others.  At the turn of the millennium, it seemed as though everyone was intent on re-coating their windows, doors and cladding a shade of silver. Whether this was to portray some vision of the future, we will never know.

During the early noughties, it was the turn of blue, dark blues in fact. Many shop fronts and office windows were re-coated in these tones.

During the mid-noughties, white was the flavour of the month. Black was the flavour of the time during the late noughties. you would be forgiven to think that black would only be available in one shade but there are a few options available.

More Than Fifty Shades of Grey

The current trend of colour for shop fronts, ceilings, windows is grey. We aren’t sure if the recent books have been a factor in this, but the colour in various shades is extremely popular at the moment. We are happy to quote any colour requirement that you or your client may have.